Useful Italian phrases to use with kids

Linguists agree that a child’s brain is like a sponge, so the earlier a kid starts learning a second language, the better. For this reason, today we are going to give you some useful Italian phrases to use with kids. In this way your child will be able to learn Italian at home.

Italian phrases for kids

Here you can find some useful Italian phrases to use with kids in the morning, phrases to use before going to bed, and so on.

Phrases to use in the morning

Buongiorno = good morning
Come hai dormito? = how did you sleep?
Che vuoi per colazione? = what do you want for breakfast?
È ora di andare a scuola = it’s time to go to school
Mettiti le scarpe = put on your shoes
È tardi. Sei pronto? = it’s late. Are you ready?

Phrases to talk about homework

Come ti posso aiutare = how can I help you?
Hai compiti per domani? = do you have homework for tomorrow?
Potrai guardare la televisione quando avrai finito di fare i compiti = you can watch TV after you have finished your homework

Phrases to talk about free time

Che gioco vuoi fare? = what would you like to play?
Ti va di andare al cinema? = Would you like to go to the cinema?
Vai a giocare con i tuoi amici? = Are you going to play with your friends?
Vuoi vedere un cartone? = do you want to watch a cartoon?
Phrases to use before going to bed

Lavati i denti = brush your teeth
Vuoi che ti legga una favola? = Do you want me to read you a fairy tale?
Buonanotte = good night

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These useful Italian phrases to use with kids will help your child to improve their Italian level. Remember that if they practice these phrases every day, they will learn them very quickly.

Learning foreign languages will also help your child to understand more about different cultures. So, let’s start with these useful Italian phrases to use with kids. In this way, your child will learn a second language and have fun at the same time!