Useful Italian phrases for tourists

Summer is coming and if you are planning to visit Italy anytime soon, you will definitely need to know some useful Italian phrases for tourists, which will give you the opportunity to interact with local people once you are there.

But how can you do this?  Simple -with our intensive Italian course for travelers!

Italian phrases for tourists

The course consists of 10 hour-long online Italian lessons – you can always add extra hours if you want – through which you will learn the most common Italian words and phrases needed for your journey. The price of a 10 lesson block is very cheap and the first lesson is totally free.

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Everyone knows that Italians don’t speak English very well and if you are going to spend some time in Italy there will be plenty of occasions where you will find yourself in the position of having to understand what people are saying and to respond in some way.  For this reason, why not take advantage of our lessons to learn the most useful Italian phrases for tourists that you will need for all kinds of situations.

Perhaps, in the past, you hurriedly picked up a language phrasebook or dictionary at the airport in the hope that it would help you communicate with the locals.  However, once there, you quickly discovered that it wasn’t as easy or straightforward as you imagined.  Why?  Because theory is not enough – you need to practice and, if possible, with native speakers if you don’t want to end up like Peter Griffin in Family Man!

After completing the course with a native Italian teacher you will be able to ask for directions when you arrive at your destination and, more importantly, be able to understand their response “vai dritto, gira a destra e poi a sinistra”.  Or when you are in a restaurant, you will be able to ask for the bill in Italian without any problem, “posso avere il conto, per favore?“, and so much more.

In this way your stay in Italy will be more special and fun because not only will you see wonderful places and discover a different culture but you will also interact with Italians and learn much more about the country you are visiting.

If you wander, should I learn Italian before going to Italy? Check our post for more information.

So don’t waste time, enroll on our online Italian course for travelers and start arranging your Italian journey today!

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