20 useful and basic Italian phrases for travel

Are you planning to visit Italy one day? Learn some useful and basic Italian phrases for travel! Speaking in Italian with local people during your journey will allow you to discover the Italian culture more deeply and live an authentic Italian experience!

Italian phrases for travel

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Scusi (formal) / Scusa (informal) – Excuse me
Dov’è piazza San Marco? – Where is St Mark’s Square?
Quanto ci vuole per arrivare a piazza San Marco? – How long does it take to get to St Mark’s square?
Grazie – Thank you
– Possible answers in Italian are:
Giri (formal) / Gira (informal) a destra – Turn right
Giri (formal) / Gira (informal) a sinistra – Turn left
Vada (formal) / Vai (informal) sempre dritto – Go straight ahead
Prego – You are welcome

In a restaurant

Posso avere il menù, per favore? – Can I have the menu, please?
Vorrei una pizza margherita – I would like a margherita pizza
Da bere prendo una coca cola – I’ll have a coke
Mi può (formal) / puoi (informal) portare del pane, per favore? – Could you bring me some bread, please?
Il conto, per favore – The bill, please

In a hotel

Ho prenotato una stanza per 2 persone – I have booked a room for 2 people
A che ora è la colazione? – At what time is breakfast?
C’è la televisione in camera? – Is there a TV in the room?
Posso pagare con la carta di credito? – Can I pay with a credit card?

At the airport

Come posso arrivare in centro? – How can I get to the city centre?
Dov’è il posteggio taxi? – Where is the taxi rank?
Dov’è la fermata degli autobus? – Where is the bus stop?
Posso avere una cartina della città, per favore? – Can I have a map of the city, please?

Considering that not everybody speaks English in Italy, these simple and basic Italian phrases for tourists will be extremely useful in order to make you feel comfortable during your holidays. If you want to discover the correct pronunciation of the phrases, watch the video made by our native Italian tutor below:

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