Top 10 best Italian dishes you can eat in Italy

Do you know what the top 10 best Italian dishes are? Italian cuisine has plenty of delicious dishes on offer. We asked our students what they thought and after talking over the topic they came up with a list of 10 things you should absolutely try if you go to Italy.

1) Pizza Napoletana.

Italian dishes

The best place to eat a real Italian pizza is Naples, of course, but if you don’t have the opportunity to go there, the next best option would be to find a place where you can eat a Neapolitan style pizza. It is characterized by a raised rim and some very basic ingredients: tomato, mozzarella cheese, basil and extra-virgin olive oil!

2) Pasta. 

Italian recipes

Every kind of pasta -spaghetti, tagliatelle, rigatoni, penne, ravioli, etc.- with tomato, pesto, sea food, or whatever sauce you like!

3) Formaggi e salumi.

foodWe can’t forget that among the best Italian dishes, we can find delicious cheeses such as mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, etc. and cold cuts, like “prosciutto di Parma” and “prosciutto di San Daniele”!!

4) Gnocchi.

top 10 Italian dishes

Little thick, soft pieces of dough, usually made from potatoes, served with cheese and a tomato-based sauce… a fantastic alternative to pasta!

5) Lasagna.

best Italian dishes

A casserole dish made of layers of pasta, with ragù sauce, béchamel and parmesan cheese… very yummy!

6) Cotoletta alla milanese

best Italian recipes

A traditional fried cutlet similar to the Austrian “Winener Schnitzel”.

7) Bistecca alla fiorentina.

Italian food

A thickly cut and very large T-bone steak, cooked in the traditional Florentine style and served very rare… amazing!!

And, of course, in the top 10 best Italian dishes we mustn’t forget to include desserts!!! For our students the best ones are…

8) Cannoli siciliani.

Italian food

Crispy shells filled with ricotta cheese and candied fruit.

9) Tiramisù.

best food

A very popular dessert made from Italian ladyfinger biscuits called “Savoiardi”, mascarpone cheese and espresso coffee!

And last, but not least…

10) Gelato.

top 10 Italian recipes

Ice cream!!!

Do you agree? What in your opinion are the top 10 best Italian dishes? Have you ever tried to prepare one of them? If you would like to know more about Italian food  we recommend looking for Italian cooking recipes… in this way you will learn to cook Italian dishes and at the same time discover many new Italian words relating to food that will help you to improve your Italian language skills!

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