Tips to learn Italian vocabulary

We know that learning a foreign language can be quite tough, so today we are going to give you some useful tips to learn Italian vocabulary. In this way we are sure that you will learn Italian much faster!


If you want to improve your Italian level in an effective way, read the following tips to learning Italian vocabulary and try to put them into practice every day, even 5 to 10 minutes can make a big difference!

How to learn Italian vocabulary

  • First of all, try to learn the words that you use every day. As a result, you will memorize them easily just by repeating them constantly.
  • Every time you learn a new Italian word, write it down. The simple action of writing and reading it will help you to remember it as well.
  • Listen to Italian. You can listen to the radio or watch the best TV series to learn Italian, so that you can discover new words, sayings and idioms.
  • Try to watch Italian movies in the original version. If you have never studied Italian before, you can watch them with Italian subtitles. In this way you will hear native Italian people speaking and learn the correct spelling of the words at the same time.
  • Learn a little bit of Italian every day. It’s far better to learn a few words every day more than study for ten hours on the trot once a month.
  • Choose the best moment to study. If you study in the morning, after a good breakfast, your mind will be more alert and ready to absorb new Italian words and phrases.
  • Read in Italian. You can read just a fragment of a book every day, or if you don’t like novels, you can read one of the many Italian newspapers you can find online.

These are our tips to learn Italian vocabulary. Try to use them every day and see for yourself how effective they are! If you want to start learning some new Italian words now, click here.

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