6 useful tips for learning Italian

Today we would like to give you some tips for learning Italian. Thanks to the experience obtained by working as Italian tutors with students of different levels and with different needs, we have created a list of recommendations to explain how to learn Italian .So that studying this language will be easy and fun.


  • Immerse yourself into the Italian language

As you probably know, the best way to learn a foreign language is to truly immerse yourself into it. Thankfully nowadays with a vast array of computing technology and media communication available, we can do so very easily. It is for this very reason, we recommend that you cultivate a wide range of interests (music, reading, etc.) in Italian:

how to learn Italian

– If you like music, listen to the radio.
– If you are passionate about cinema, why not watch movies in their original versions? If you find the dialogue too complicated to understand, simply use Italian or English subtitles as necessary , depending on the particular movie.
– If reading’s your thing, buy a book in Italian or read articles from online newspapers.

6 tips to learn Italian

  • Study regularly

It’s better to study little but regularly more than to do so intensively and occasionally. Try to spend at least 10 minutes per day studying Italian and if after work you find yourself too tired to do grammar exercises, you can simply just listen to an Italian song, do a crossword puzzle or one of the tasks suggested in the first tip above.

  • Go bold!

This tip for learning Italian is based on the idea that it is essential to accompany the study of a foreign language with its use in practice. So, don’t be scared and start speaking in Italian as soon as you can. Remember, making mistakes is an integral part of the learning process.

  • Use memory techniques

tips for learning Italian

Memory techniques are usually quite useful for expanding your vocabulary, especially in the first stages of learning. One of the most common techniques and an obvious example of this is to put a post-it note with Italian words on the fridge at home and not remove it until you have memorized the content.

  • Practice the language as much as possible

It’s not necessary to live in Italy in order to practice Italian. You can do that in your own city, looking for cultural events related to Italy (film screenings, cooking classes taught in Italian, museum visits, etc.) or attending fun language exchanges… These events represent a fantastic way to practice foreign languages with native speakers for free.

  • Improve your level with an Italian tutor

Having a personal Italian tutor helping you every step of the way can make the vital difference in order to sucessfully learn Italian. They will correct mistakes, explain difficult grammar rules and help you to perfect your pronunciation, etc. If you are interested in this option contact us and we will give more information about the different ways of learning Italian with us.

We hope that our tips for learning Italian will be useful and assist you in achieving your goals quickly and in effective way.