How to learn Italian with movies

For those who are really interested in learning Italian, watching Italian movies is an excellent way of acquiring new words and expressions, understanding idioms, and having fun at the same time! Learn Italian with movies is today’s advice from Parlando italiano.

learn Italian with movies

We know it may be a bit hard at the beginning, as Italian and English are very different languages. From grammar to vocabulary and pronunciation, they have very little in common. If you feel Continue reading

Is Italian hard to learn for English speakers?

We’re often asked “is Italian hard to learn for English speakers?” and “how long does it take to learn Italian?”. In truth these are hard questions to answer as it depends on several factors, of which your interest and the time you spend on learning play an important role.

Is Italian hard to learn for English speakers

However, the most difficult aspects of the Italian language for our English students usually are: Continue reading