Do you know all the different types of Italian pizza?

.types of Italian pizza

Since the time to have dinner outdoors is coming along spring and summer, today we will talk about the different types of Italian pizza. As you know, at least in most Italian regions, pizza is the most likely meal for dinner. Using it as breakfast (like a dinner leftover) or even lunch tends to be out of the question.

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Top 10 traditional Italian desserts you should try

Italian desserts

The Italian desserts and pastry cuisine is broad and nearly unsurmountable and holding a list down to just ten examples is quite unfair. However, this dessert list needs to turn into your “kill list” when you are in Italy. These are sweets that really represent Italy in the world. 

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8 delicious Italian seasoning ingredients

A lot of the deliciousness of Italian food is due to the careful and intelligent use of selected Italian seasoning ingredients. As you probably know, Italy is known to have some of the world’s finest food. These special seasonings give Italian food that amazing taste that cannot be found anywhere else!

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