Should I learn Italian before going to Italy?

If you are planning to visit Italy, you may be wondering whether or not you need to learn Italian. After all, most Italians can understand some English and if you know a few well-chosen Italian words, then you may feel that is enough for you to get by in Italy. However, the truth is it pays to learn Italian before going to Italy. Studying Italian will help you take part in conversations and you can also become active rather than remain a passive visitor in Italy.

should I learn Italian before going to Italy

Advantages of learning Italian before going to Italy

Keep in mind that when you know the language of the country you are visiting, you will feel more comfortable, everything will sound better to you and this will help you have a more rewarding experience. Of course, at first you will face difficulties – not knowing how to say the right word or phrase. However, when travelling in Italy, it certainly helps to know the language. Italians will show their appreciation that you took the trouble to learn their lingo and in fact, knowing Italian also improves your chances of making new Italian friends.

How to learn Italian before going to Italy

  • Use online resources. Visit our YouTube Channel and discover some basic Italian words including Ciao (an informal way of saying hello) and Buongiorno which is the Italian word for Good morning. You can also visit our Italian blog, where you will find many useful Italian phrases for travel.
  • Enroll on a course. You can also enroll in a short course to learn basic Italian words and phrases. Studying Italian with a native Italian teacher certainly helps and is easy as well as fun. One way you can learn the language with us is by taking face-to-face Italian lessons in London or you can also choose to take Skype lessons.
  • Do your homework. The harder you work on understanding Italian, the better it is for you, so you need to do your homework diligently.
  • Practice with a friend. If you know someone who speaks Italian, practicing with them will also help you achieve your goals. Make sure you agree a schedule with your Italian friend or acquaintance and set aside half an hour to talk with them.

Knowing Italian when in Italy certainly helps in more ways than you can count. So, if you are still wondering “should I learn Italian before going to Italy?“, the answer to the question  is yes, you must! If you want to receive more information about our Italian courses for travellers, contact us and we will be very happy to help you.