Learn to read in Italian for beginners

Read in Italian

Ever tried to read in Italian? Well, this is a great chance for you to do so. Learning Italian through reading is a fun and charming way of studying and getting to know the language.  It is also an effective way to learn and strengthen the grasp and use of new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

Reading helps get a firm hold on the Italian language. Learning Italian by Reading is effective since:

  • You can take your time.
  • Words that are written are memorable and easier to remember.
  • Helps with writing/spelling.
  • Reading helps with pronunciations.
  • Helps you to think and reason in Italian.
  • Learn more about Italian culture.

Learning to read in Italian can be easy with the right resources. There are different ways of learning even as a beginner. Learning Italian for beginners can be very satisfying with all the right resources.


Italian novels for beginners are a great way of getting to learn the Italian language. Translated novels are novels that have been translated from their original version and into the Italian version.  This is a fun and interesting way of learning since you have the opportunity to read the books you deem as favourite to you. You probably know what happens in the novel which makes it easier to grasp the Italian words and know what they mean without looking for a dictionary. A good example of a translated novel is “Il vecchio e il mare” (“The Old Man and the Sea”) by Ernest Hemingway.  It is the story of a Cuban fisherman and his young apprentice. The two were focused and planning on catching a huge and dangerous fish. The way this book is written makes it easy to read since it’s simple and to the point.  

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Children’s books are written in a simple language that is easy to understand. They contain simple vocabulary and therefore make it easy to read in Italian. As a beginner choosing to read children’s books in Italian will give you a better grasp and understanding of the Italian language.  A great example is “Il grande libro delle fiabe” (“The Big Book of Fairy Tales”). The book contains all the fairy tales we knew as children. Reading the already known interesting tales can be fun and educative. 


There are dozens of websites that allow beginners to learn the Italian language. Visiting these sites every time you access the internet will help you learn more. Some of the sites are My Italian lessons and its Youtube channel. These websites are a good way to learn Italian online since they provide images and videos against the words you are provided with.

Italian for beginners


There are textbooks that explain the basic information you need to learn the Italian language. Reading textbooks that contain these basics is essential in learning the difficulties found in grammar. Different textbooks have different styles which give one an opportunity to choose the style that suits you best. Eg: 

  • “Living Language Ultimate Italian: Beginner-Intermediate”
  • “Grammatica Italiana Per Stranieri” (Italian Grammar for Foreign Students). 


These are books that have the Italian version and the English version translated side by side. It is an effective way to learn since you can refer back and forth on the words that you didn’t get by checking the Italian words across the English words. For example: 

  • “Italian Short Stories 1” 
  • “The Little Prince – Il Piccolo Principe: Bilingual Parallel Text”.


E-books are easy to find as long as you have access to the internet. Italian language learning e-books are many and one can choose any suitable book. There are free e-books where you will not need to pay to get access to a copy. OpenLibrary is a great site to go to in order to learn the Italian language.


Songs are an excellent way of learning Italian. They are fun and easy to memorize therefore making them easy to understand. Songs do not require too much energy to learn since they are catchy and about our daily lives. Reading lyrics to a song helps you understand the song better word forward making it easier to understand the language. Some of the songs include; 

Reading the lyrics of this song helps you learn new words among others, for example:

Felicità – Al Bano & Romina Power 

Read the full lyrics here!

  • la felicità – the happiness
  • il tuo sguardo – your look
  • l’onda che sbatte – the wave that slams
  • un cuscino – a pillow
  • una telefonata – a call
  • acqua del fiume – water of the river
  • pioggia che scende – the rain coming down
  • bicchiere di vino – glass of wine
  • come un pensiero – as a thought
  • come un sorriso – as a smile
  • biglietto di auguri – greeting card
  • canzone d’amore – love song


Practicing from time to time makes it easy for one to be able to read in Italian. It is fair to say that learning the Italian language by reading as a beginner is not just fun but exciting and educative. 

Now that you know how to improve your reading skills in Italian, discover the best podcast to learn Italian effortlessly!

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