The best podcast to learn Italian effortlessly

podcast to learn Italian

If you’re interested in learning Italian easily, then learning with podcasts is the way to go! A podcast to learn Italian helps you determine the pace of your lessons but also exposes you to a wide range of topics so you can expand your vocabulary. Podcasts have become a simple and fast way to access the information you are looking for. It is also widely available making it a great resource to master your Italian language skills. Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning from podcasts including the best podcasts in Italian.


Whether you are a beginner or you are more advanced in the Italian language, there is a podcast to help you further enhance your skills. You may be wondering why or how a podcast can help you improve your communication. 

The great aspect of a podcast is the range of topics covered, the ability to control the pace of your learning, and by listening to the dialect, you can easily enhance your pronunciation. The best podcasts in Italian are also culturally relevant so you can learn more about the country with interesting facts and news releases. 

best podcast to learn Italian


While knowledge of the language basics makes it easier to advance your communication, you can also find Italian podcasts for beginners. These resources introduce listeners to basic language skills and help you learn at your own pace. 

  • Happy Birthday in Italian 

The best podcast to learn Italian is our Happy Birthday in Italian Podcast, presented in English with an Italian translation, so you can easily grasp the words and the pronunciations along the way. We make it interesting and exciting to say happy birthday wishes!

  • Say Hello in Italian

Italians are such friendly and charming people, knowing how to say hello in Italian is simply a must! With our podcast to learn Italian, you can master greeting in the popular language. We explore how to say good morning greetings in Italian. 

  • Learn Numbers 1 to 100 in Italian

If you wish to perfect counting in Italian, then the mastering of numbers 1 to 100 in Italian is just the podcast for you. To learn Italian podcast topics that introduce numbers will assist in improving your confidence. Numbers can help you with the translation of dates, time, purchases, and much more!

  • Reflexive Verbs

Understanding the Italian language involves reflexive verbs. Podcasts allow you to listen to the use of these verbs in sentences and will breakdown the definition of such grammar. 


A podcast to learn Italian is an interesting and simple way to improve your skills. Listen to podcasts on your phone wherever you go and continue to enhance your knowledge and pronunciation. 

You can also find a podcast on a topic that you may have difficulty with. Our greeting and numbers podcasts are examples that cover popular topics and will support your mastery of the language. 

Start improving your Italian with the best podcasts today!

Now that you know the best podcasts to improve your Italian, discover 10 advantages of learning Italian online!

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