List of Italian baby names

Are you looking for a list of Italian baby names in order to find an original and modern name for your newborn? Well, have a look at these two lists below and see if any of them
tickle your fancy!

ITALIAN BOYS NAMESItalian names for boysIn this first section you can see some of the most popular boys names in Italy today.Italian boys names

ITALIAN GIRLS NAMESItalian names for girlsOn the other hand, if you are looking for Italian girls names, look at our second list below. We are sure that it will help you to find the most beautiful name for your little girl.Italian girls names

And if you want to get even more ideas, click here to have a fully complete list, with all sorts of names, some of them very old and others more modern.

We know that many times choosing the name for your own baby can be stressful and complicated and for this reason we hope that our list of Italian baby names has been useful!