List of Italian flower names

When we study a foreign language, it’s very important to expand our vocabulary because if we know more words, we can speak more fluently. For this reason, today we are going to show you a list of Italian flower names and other words related to plants and gardening.



As you can see on our list below, most of the Italian flower names are very similar to the English ones:

  • Azalea = Azalea
  • Calla = Calla lily
  • Campanula = Bellflower
  • Crisantemo = Chrysanthemum
  • Fresia = Freesia
  • Gardenia = Gardenia
  • Garofano = Carnation
  • Gelsomino = Jasmine
  • Giglio = Lily
  • Girasole = Sunflower
  • Lavanda = Lavender
  • Margherita = Daisy
  • Narciso = Daffodil
  • Orchidea = Orchid
  • Papavero = Poppy
  • Peonia = Peony
  • Rosa = Rose
  • Tulipano = Tulip
  • Viola = Violet


Some flower names are also used as Italian girl’s names, the most common ones being Margherita, Rosa and Viola.

If you are thinking about giving flowers as a gift to an Italian person, keep in mind that in Italy the most popular flowers used as a gift between lovers are red roses (le rose rosse).

On the other hand, remember that chrysanthemums (i crisantemi) must be avoided because they are related to death and funerals.


Now, let’s see some other Italian words related to plants and flowers:

  • Albero = Tree
  • Cespuglio = Bush
  • Erba = Grass
  • Fiore = Flower
  • Foglia = Leaf
  • Giardino = Garden
  • Pianta = Plant
  • Radice = Root
  • Spina = Thorn

If you want to see some pictures of the flowers mentioned above and discover more Italian words related to plants and gardening, click here, and expand your Italian vocabulary.

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