Learn to speak Italian online with basic Italian phrases

learn to speak italian online

Would you like to learn to speak Italian online? We offer online Italian lessons that are given by qualified teachers who have a passion for helping people speak the beautiful language that is Italian.

To get you started on your Italian journey, we have included some basic Italian phrases that you can memorize. These will help you to greet someone and to have a very simple interaction with someone in Italian.

Some basic Italian phrases

  • Ciao! – Hi / Hello / Bye (informal)
  • Salve! – Hi / Hello (more formal)
  • Salve, come va? – Hello, how are you?
  • Buongiorno – Good morning
  • Buon pomeriggio – Good afternoon
  • Buonasera – Good evening
  • Buonanotte – Good night
  • Grazie mille – Thank you very much
  • Grazie a Lei – Thank you, too
  • Come ti chiami? – What’s your name?
  • Mi chiamo… – My name is…
  • Come stai? – How are you?
  • Io sto bene, grazie. E tu? – I’m fine, thank you. And you?
  • Bella giornata oggi, vero? – The weather is lovely today, isn’t it?
  • Sono inglese/americano – I’m English/ American
  • Lei di dov’è? – Where are you from?
  • Piacere – Nice to meet you
  • Arrivederci – Goodbye

Learn to speak Italian online

As you can tell from the above list, you will already know one or two Italian phrases and we encourage you to build on your existing vocabulary so that you can have a more solid knowledge of the language. The following useful video may also be of help to you as you proceed on your Italian journey:

Once you have memorized these useful phrases, you will naturally want to go a step further and learn to have a more in-depth conversation in Italian. As in learning Spanish for beginners, the next step in learning how to speak Italian for beginners would be to work through a more comprehensive vocabulary list and to learn the basic grammar of the Italian language. This will enable you to master some Italian exercises for beginners and to speak and write Italian with fluency and more confidence in just a short time.

Many people have the misconception that learning a new language means that you need to have a natural flair for languages. This is very far from the truth, and all that is required to learn a new language is enthusiasm and a willingness to practice new words as much as possible!

Would you like to learn to speak Italian online? There is no better time than now to start! Why not contact us to find out more about our online Italian lessons? We would love to hear from you!