How to learn Italian with movies

For those who are really interested in learning Italian, watching Italian movies is an excellent way of acquiring new words and expressions, understanding idioms, and having fun at the same time! Learn Italian with movies is today’s advice from Parlando italiano.

learn Italian with movies

We know it may be a bit hard at the beginning, as Italian and English are very different languages. From grammar to vocabulary and pronunciation, they have very little in common. If you feel you have reached a plateau in your learning because you have no one around to practice with or you can’t go to Italy to improve your speaking and listening skills, at Parlando Italiano we have developed a new teaching system to help our students get the most from Italian easily while they’re enjoying themselves. We want you to succeed and become a bilingual speaker.

Our Italian lessons are interactive, you speak Italian from the very first class as your teachers are native Italian, which is a great help. If you want to learn Italian with movies, they will help you resolve all your doubts.

Today, we suggest these typical Italian movies, with which you’ll develop your language skills, improve your vocabulary and grammar input, as well as lots of interesting facts about Italian culture and the way of life. We recommend that you watch them with subtitles, especially if you’re at a lower level. This will help you with vocabulary and grammar; you can stop the recording and go back and forth, look up words in the dictionary, repeat expressions aloud and imitate the Italian intonation. You can also write down any doubts and ask your Italian teacher in your next class.

5 great Italian movies to learn Italian

La dolce vita (Federico Fellini – 1960)

This super famous movie is about a Roman journalist who meets a cinema celebrity and starts a quest to find her and publish her best gossip.

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Giuseppe Tornatore – 1988)

This story, internationally recognised, will surely move you to tears; Salvatore, a cinema director who comes back to his hometown after his friend’s death, recalls his life.

La Vita è Bella (Roberto Begnini – 1997)

Awarded with three Oscars (Best Actor, Best Original Dramatic Score, and Best Foreign Language Film) this movie is a classic. It’s the story of a Jew, called Guido, and his son who were seized and taken to a concentration camp. There, Guido hides his child and their true situation, pretending it’s all a game.

Italian movies

La Meglio gioventù (Marco Tullio Giordana – 2003)

This film is about two brothers who take different paths in life; it’s really an excuse to show the history of Italy from 1966 to 2003.

La grande bellezza (Paolo Sorrentino – 2013)

This movie was also awarded with an Oscar, and it’ll help you discover Rome and the Italian culture.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy watching all these movies, and you’ll learn Italian with movies.