Learn Italian professions vocabulary

One of the first questions Italian people ask when they meet someone for the first time is Che lavoro fai? (what is your job?), so have a look at our Italian professions list below, and learn Italian professions vocabulary in order to be ready for your next conversation in Italian.


Italian professions list

  • Archeologo/a: archaeologist
  • Architetto/a: architect
  • Attore/Attrice: actor/actress
  • Avvocato/Avvocata-Avvocatessa: lawyer
  • Ballerino/a: dancer
  • Bibliotecario/a: librarian
  • Cameriere/a: waiter/waitress
  • Camionista: lorry driver
  • Cantante: singer
  • Commercialista: accountant
  • Commesso/a: shop assistant
  • Cuoco/a: chef
  • Dentista: dentist
  • Dottore/Dottoressa: doctor
  • Elettricista: electrician
  • Farmacista: pharmacist
  • Fisioterapista: physiotherapist
  • Fotografo/a: photographer
  • Giornalista: journalist
  • Idraulico: plumber
  • Imprenditore/Imprenditrice: entrepreneur
  • Infermiere/a: male/female nurse
  • Musicista: musician
  • Parrucchiere/a: hairdresser
  • Poliziotto/a: policeman/policewoman
  • Pompiere (vigile del fuoco): fireman
  • Professore/Professoressa: teacher
  • Psicologo/a: psychologist
  • Scrittore/Scrittrice: writer
  • Segretario/a: assistant

 As you can see in our list above, even if Italian names usually change depending on their genders (masculine/feminine), there are some names of professions that don’t change, as for example the names ending in -ista (il farmacista-la farmacista, il fisioterapista-la fisioterapista, etc.).

More Italian job vocabulary

Apart from the Italian job names, you will also need to learn Italian professions vocabulary in order to speak properly and understand when people talk about this field. So, let’s see some Italian words related to jobs:

  • Busta paga = Payslip
  • Capo = Boss
  • Collega = workmate
  • Disoccupato = an unemployed person
  • Ferie = Holidays
  • Liquidazione = Severance pay
  • Orario di lavoro =working timetable
  • Pensionato = a retired person
  • Pensione = Pension
  • Stipendio = Salary
  • Ufficio = Office

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We know that mastering a foreign language can’t be achieved just by studying a list of words, but learning new vocabulary every day will help you to be more fluent. In addition, you will need to understand the sentence structures, improve your pronunciation, study the grammar, etc.

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