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Learn Italian online easily and quickly with a personal Italian tutor from Parlando Italiano! Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of Italian teaching online, we have developed the most efficient and convenient method for learning Italian through modern technology.

learn italian online

What makes our online Italian courses unique?

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All you will need is a computer and a Skype account to learn Italian online with us, no matter your location. Via webcam you will see, listen and communicate with your teacher almost as if they were in the same room, whilst the live chat can be used as a “blackboard” to write words, grammar rules, etc.

So, no more crowded classrooms but one-to-one Italian lessons and our undivided attention:

  • We will tailor your Italian course depending on your Italian level and specific needs.
  • You will have the opportunity to schedule your lessons at times that best suit youseven days a week.
  • You will receive regular support and feedback from your teacher.
learning italian online

In this way, lessons will be 100% personalized and this will help you to improve quickly. With our communicative method, you will start speaking Italian from the very first day of your course. The main goal of the lessons is to recreate everyday life situations that you would be most likely to encounter if you were living in Italy.

To successfully achieve these goals, the teaching materials become essential. Your Italian tutor will send them to you before your lesson starts and afterwards you will also be provided with a summary of the class and a variety of exercises to keep you learning and motivated. During the lesson you will also share files with your teacher, watch authentic videos, advertisements and listen to music that will help you learn the Italian language and something more of the culture as well. In this way you will continually be encouraged to immerse yourself in an authentic Italian experience and may very well feel as though you are in Italy, even though you might be miles away from it.

So what are you waiting for? Why not try a free online Italian lesson with one of our Italian tutors and start practicing today? Learning Italian has never been easier!

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