Learn Italian online with free audios

learn Italian online with free audios

There is a fun and effortless way to learn Italian online with free audios. Yes! Imagine learning an interesting language like Italian when you are also engaged with other stuff like traveling, doing dishes, cooking, or even taking your dog for a walk!  All these occupations do not need too much concentration. This means you could listen to a podcast as you do your usual work without adding extra hours to achieve your goals of learning Italian.

It is a good way to maximize your time anyway. You could always learn Italian online with our free audios.  Anytime and anywhere. There are Italian podcasts for beginners and advanced learners. Their purpose is to help you practice speaking conversational Italian from day 1 of your learning journey. 

As you learn Italian podcasts you will realize that learning in short bursts every day for about 15 minutes is very possible. This is fun and interesting, unlike the traditional classroom where you have to be stuck in one place until the lesson is over.

Some of the best podcasts to learn Italian are mentioned below. There are therefore many reasons to learn Italian online with free audios. You will be able to learn phrases related to a specific topic or situation with excellent results.


  • Body parts in Italian

It is important to know how to name the parts of your body for practical reasons. Whether you are taking a trip to the doctor or you are in a public place waiting for someone, you need to know how to express yourself when talking about body parts common in everyday conversation.

This is an audio teaching you step by step about all the body parts and how to join short phrases to describe a body part in the Italian language.

  • Italian numbers

You do not need to worry anymore about counting or numerology in Italian. This audio sorts you out as far as counting and sequencing the numbers in Italian. After listening to this podcast, you shall be able to make out all the numbers you will ever need.

  • Happy Birthday in Italian

You want to learn Italian then you have to learn what makes Italians happy. Birthdays are one of those things. Family and food come first in any Italian community. You will want to familiarize yourself with the most common phrases that are related to birthdays. There are many ways to say it and sound like a native. 

Example: – “Buon compleanno” is a very common way to say “happy birthday” in Italian.

Here is an audio showing you how to say it and how to express it.


  • How to say hello in Italian

This audio teaches you the many ways of reaching out to the other person by greeting him/her. It is an opener in many conversations and how to go about it in a pleasant way. Generally, Italians love to chat and no wonder they have so many ways of saying hello depending on the situation and the time of the day. Whether it is the informal popular ciao which is known around the globe or the formal Buongiorno meaning good day, you can never get used to using the same greetings every day. In this Italian podcast for beginners, you shall learn all the different types of greetings, when to use them and to who. 

Example; – Stammi bene (to one person) / Statemi bene (To more than one person) – Take care

Learn Italian podcasts


  • Italian reflexive verbs

Reflexive verbs use reflexive pronouns such as yourself, myself etc. For example:

    • Svegliarsi – To wake oneself up,
    • Innamorarsi – to fall in love!
  • Mi chiamo – “My name is…” 
  • Italian passato-prossimo

The Passato Prossimo expresses past finished events and actions.

For example; –  Ieri ho mangiato la pizza -Yesterday I had pizza.

Italian Passato prossimo, also known as perfetto compost has to be tackled by every student of the Italian language. So, as you learn Italian, you will find that passato prossimo is used at times when it’s insignificant to say how long ago something happened, or how long it took, just that it has happened, and that it happened rather recently. This audio explained clearly how to go about using the Passato-Prossimo.

Learn Italian online with free audios. See yourself improve your pronunciation and fluency in the Italian language effortlessly. Improve your time management as you learn how to multitask without much attention. As you learn Italian with our free podcast you will also realize that you have built up your critical thinking making you a better version of yourself as far as your language is concerned. 

Now that you’ve learnt the best way to improve your listening skills in Italian with free audios, discover the best blogs to learn Italian!

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