Learn Italian hand gestures with their meanings

If you are learning Italian, not only will you have to study the Italian grammar, but you will also need to learn Italian hand gestures with their meanings. Why? Because they are an important part of the Italian culture and discovering their meanings will help you understand Italians!


Actually, Italians are famous in the world not only for their cuisine and culture, but also for their hand gestures. They usually gesticulate to pepper their conversations and very often a gesture can modify their sentences.

Why is learning Italian gestures so important?

  • Because you will learn more about the Italian culture.
  • It will help you understand more the Italian language.
  • Body language is essential not only in Italy, but anywhere in the world.
  • As we said before, sometimes one single gesture can say more than a thousand words!
  • Thanks to the hand gestures you can emphasize what you want to say.
  • Your communication will be more natural and effective.

To help you learn the meaning of the Italian hand gestures, check out the video below made by one of our native Italian teachers.  Videos  are a great tool because you can watch them, stop them and watch them again whenever you want  in order to practice:

Here you can find some more Italian hand gestures with their meanings.

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Start learning Italian today, and keep in mind that words sometimes are not enough… that’s why we need to use some gestures. So, learn Italian hand gestures with their meanings,  practice them every day, and try to gesticulate like a real Italian!