Learn Italian for free

With Parlando Italiano you can learn Italian for free through easy and amusing tutorials made by our native Italian tutors. These videos, relating to the Italian language and culture, represent a fantastic opportunity for those students who would like to learn Italian online at zero cost.

If you want to watch our videos on Youtube and start learning Italian online with us click here.

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Instead of studying Italian through repetitive grammar exercises, our videos will give you the opportunity to learn Italian from your own home with experienced and qualified Italian teachers. Learning Italian online with us has many advantages:

Advantages of learning Italian with us

  • It’s easy and totally free

Learning Italian through our videos is totally free. It’s a fantastic service offered by our Italian tutors to those students who want to learn or improve their Italian but cannot afford an Italian course. Furthermore, studying Italian will be easy because you can watch the videos whenever you decide (during breakfast, commuting to work, at night, etc).

  • Suitable for all levels – from Beginner to Advanced

Our videos are designed to be suitable for students at different levels, so that you can choose between the basic Italian classes, where you can learn the Italian numbers, articles or greetings, and the advanced classes, where our teachers explain how to use some more difficult Italian grammar rules, Italian idioms, etc. Through this wide variety of tutorials related to different topics, both grammatical and lexical, you will learn not only the language but also the culture of Italy.

learn Italian free

  • Interactive videos

Lessons are taught in Italian but while explaining our tutors also use some words in English in order to make lessons easier and understandable. In addition, in the most advanced lessons you can activate subtitles in both languages, English and Italian. Lessons are also very interactive. During each video you can leave your opinions, ask questions and even send proposals and requests for topics you would like to discuss. We will be very happy to help you by responding to your questions.

So, if you want to learn Italian free don’t wait any longer, have a look at our videos and start learning Italian today!