Learn basic Italian

Would you like to learn basic Italian? With our Italian lessons for beginners you can do it both easily and quickly. Our tutors, who are native Italian speakers and have a broad range of experience teaching Italian to foreign students, will design a course which will enable you to learn Italian at your own pace.

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learn basic ItalianSome factors which will enable you to learn basic Italian quickly and easily are:

  • Lessons will be totally personalised and will be adapted to your interests.
  • We use an innovative communication method so that you will start to speak in Italian and use some basic Italian phrases from the very first lesson.
  • The teaching material will be simultaneously varied and engaging so that you will study Italian grammar but not become bored.
  • You will be provided with both exercises and relevant videos at the end of your lessons in order to help you improve as quickly as possible.
  • Your teacher will use a variety of audiovisual material (songs, movies, etc.) and thus, you will be offered a complete immersion into the Italian language and culture.

Italian for beginnersAs usual you can choose between face to face Italian lessons at your home or office in London and online Italian courses. In the latter case, you can learn basic Italian very easily, as via webcam you can listen to and see your Italian tutor as though they were in the same room. Also, to assist you with speaking basic Italian during the class, you can read Italian words and phrases, study the grammar, etc.

Our Italian classes are very flexible and you can schedule them at a time of your choice depending on your individual needs, be it the morning, the afternoon, during your lunch hour or even weekends.

Furthermore, you can start whenever you want and decide on the amount of lessons you would like to receive per week so that you can learn Italian at your own pace.

Contact us to receive more information about how to learn basic Italian with our classes and start learning Italian today!