What languages are spoken in Italy?

Are you wondering what languages are spoken in Italy? If you want to know the languages spoken in Italy and you are thinking about learning Italian online continue reading this post.

languages spoken in Italy

There are around 34 Italian dilalects and languages spoken in Italy. The different Italian languages can de divided up regionally. Let’s take a look at what these languages and dialects are!

Languages spoken in Italy

In the Aosta Valley, French is one of the 2 official languages. Italian is, of course an official language, too but German is also widely spoken in the Lys Valley.

Apulia residents speak 3 languages namely, Arbëresh, Franco-Provençal and Griko. However, Slovene and Friulian are also prevalent but not officially recognized.

Lombardy natives speak Lombard as an unofficial, regional language, while Piedmont unofficially has Piedmontese as its regional language. Piedmont doesn’t recognize Occitan, Franco-Provençal, French and Walser as official languages but these are widely known.

The island of Sardinia is very proud of its heritage and locals still speak the old, Italian languages of Sardinian, Catalan, Tabarchino, Sassarese and Gallurese. These languages (while not official) enjoy the same status as Italian.

languages of Italy

Sicilian is widely spoken and unofficially recognized as the main, regional language of the island of Sicily. German, on the other hand, is one of 2 official languages in the South Tyrol, with Italian, of course, being the other official language.

In the Trentino region, we have 3 unofficial languages, namely Ladin, Cimbrian and Mòcheno, whereas in Veneto, both Italian and Venetian (unofficial) are the 2 languages most widely spoken.

As you can see, there are several different languages of Italy and, if you are new to learning Italian, we recommend learning mainstream Italian as this can be understood by all Italians. Now that you know the languages spoken in Italy, why not sign up to learn Italian with us? We offer Italian lessons online and we can be contacted on our website!