32 Italian vegetable names you need to know with English translation

Italian vegetable names

Would it not be cute if you knew some Italian vegetable names even though most of us are not vegetable fun? If you have a language partner or a teacher, they would be so proud to know that you can speak or understand some Italian vegetable names as converse with each other.

Vegetables are one of the most significant parts of both regional Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet. Most of the Italian dishes include vegetables as a side dish. 

In your journey to learn Italian, these are some of the Italian vegetables you should have in mind. Keep note of the article used when talking about Italian vegetables. 


  • l’aglio (garlic) 
  • il fagiolino (green bean)
  • l’asparago (asparagus)
  • la barbabietola (beetroot)
  • il finocchio (fennel)
  • il fiore di zucca (pumpkin flower)
  • il basilico (basil) 
  • il radicchio (radicchio)
  • i broccoli (broccoli)
  • il carciofo (artichoke)
  • la carota (carrot)
  • il cavolfiore (cauliflower)
  • il cavolo (cabbage)
  • il cetriolo (cucumber)
  • la cipolla (onion)
  • il crescione (watercress)
  • il fagiolo (bean)
  • il fungo (mushroom) 
  • la lattuga (lettuce)
  • le lenticchie (lentils) 
  • la melanzana (aubergine, eggplant)
  • il peperone (pepper) 
  • il pisello (pea) 
  • il pomodoro (tomato)
  • il porro (leek)
  • la rapa (turnip)
  • il ravanello (radish)
  • il sedano (celery)
  • gli spinaci (spinach)
  • la zucca (pumpkin)
  • la zucchina (courgette, zucchini)
  • Patata (potato)


  • One fascinating fact is that the Italians call the eggplants the “crazy apple’. This is because they believe that if you eat too much eggplant they cause madness.
  • During New Year, it’s good luck to eat lenticchia, the green beans flat we know as lentils. The consumption of lentils signifies good luck and prosperity for everyone who eats them as they resemble small coins.
  • Traditional goodies are laid on at Easter including Minestra di Pasqua (Easter soup). This soup contains ingredients such as beef, pork, kale, and herbs, and is a dish that is particularly popular in Naples.
  • Peasant dishes have stood the test of time and are still common today. Ribollita is a soup that began with peasant origins – it’s simple but delicious. It was created by using leftover minestrone or vegetable soup from the previous day.
  • Italians place tomatoes in two categories for eating: insalata (salad) – tomatoes for eating raw, normally quite acidic, and salsa – usually very ripe tomatoes used for sauces and cooking.
  • Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil are the ingredients that were cleverly put together to represent the colours of the Italian flag which are red, white and green.
  • Italians eat in a course and do not put different foods together on one plate. So, the salad often comes after the first course and the meat, not the other way around.

Italian vegetable dishes


  • Sformato di melanzane (Eggplant flan)

They are many types but eggplant is the main ingredient. We need to mix the cooked eggplants with béchamel, then combine it with eggs, basil, breadcrumbs, and grated cheese.

  • Pomodori col Riso (Tomatoes with Rice)

It is a combination of firm tomatoes, rice, salt, olive oil, and pepper. They are then stuffed with a combination of leftover tomatoes, salt, rice, olive oil, and pepper. 

You have to place the trimmings back on the tomatoes, and then bake them till the rice mixture turns slightly brown and the dish is ready. 

  • Finocchi in padella

This dish is a combination of garlic, thyme fennel, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, olive oil, breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper. The fennel bulbs are cut into small pieces, then added to a pan with sautéed garlic and thyme. Cook the mixture in a bit of water until the fennel is soft. It’s then removed from the pan and mixed with grated cheese and breadcrumbs. It’s then seasoned with salt and pepper and served warm as a side dish.

  • Vignarola

This dish consists of sliced spring onions, shelled peas, baby artichokes, lettuce leaves, diced pancetta or guanciale, broad beans, and white wine. We need to simmer the vegetables slowly until they become tender. Vignarola is frequently served as an antipasto, but it can also make for a main or side dish. 

In addition, some of the best Italian roasted vegetables are:

Carrots + Honey + Maple Syrup + Parsley + Thyme

Sweet Potato + Butter + Maple Syrup + Thyme + Cayenne


Remember that when referring to Italian vegetable names, one should always ensure that you put the correct article before it. If you are not sure of which article to use, please refer to our Italian articles about the Italian definite and indefinite articles and learn more tips and have fun as you learn Italian

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Now that you know the most known Italian vegetable names, discover these 50 useful Italian words for food!

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