Italian Summer Classes in London

During the Summer we all want to relax, change activities and routines. However, if you’re learning a language, stopping for two months will result in summer learning loss. To prevent it, you can receive our one to one Italian summer classes in London.

Italian summer classes in LondonEnroling on any of our Italian summer courses is the best way to maintain your level of Italian. We offer intensive and extensive courses in July and August. They’re for all ages and levels; no matter whether you’re a beginner or almost bilingual, we have a course for you, where you will practice the four skills you need to succeed in your learning: speaking, reading, writing and listening. With our Italian summer classes in London you will be able to hire a native Italian teacher at your workplace or home. However, if you’re not sure about what kind of course you need, you could sign up for a free Italian lesson online.

Advantages of our one to one Italian summer classes in London

  • You will practice speaking and listening

You can practice your speaking skills with our Italian courses because they’ve been designed to get you speaking Italian from the very first class. Our native Italian teachers will help you with vocabulary and those grammatical structures that are hard to master. Apart from our Italian summer classes in London, those who need extra practice with listening, may feel like watching Italian videos; there are lots on youtube!

  • You will Improve your reading comprehension

Ask our Italian tutors which books are best for your level. Reading is one of the things that will help you most; it’s something you can do in your free time, and there are lots of available resources on the web: pdf books, e-books, the news, etc. However, just reading isn’t enough; you must ask yourself comprehensive questions like “What have I read?” “What’s important and what’s irrelevant?”

Italian tutor london summer

  • You will review and build grammar skills

If you decide to join one of our courses, our teachers will help you review grammar in an interactive and easy way; they’ll provide you with specific activities for your Italian level.

  • You will improve your writing skills

Practice writing, we know it might be boring, especially if it’s not your mother tongue; but our teachers will help you with this skill, giving you new topics and correcting your assignments.

If you want to know more about our one to one Italian summer classes in London, please contact us.