30 useful Italian phrases to use in a restaurant

You may go to Italy one day and need some basic Italian phrases to interact with the locals, so let’s learn some Italian phrases to use in a restaurant. So, you have decided to learn Italian and Parlando Italiano can certainly help you! Remember that learning new vocabulary is very important when you study a foreign language.

Italian phrases to use in a restaurant

The following Italian phrases will help you during your stay in Italy. If you want to discover more useful Italian words and phrases, have a look at our list of Italian phrases for travellers. Here are some Italian phrases to use in a restaurant.

Il cameriere (the waiter)

Ha (sing) / Avete (plur) una prenotazione? — Do you have a reservation?
Signor White, il Suo tavolo è pronto. Mi segua, per favore. — Mr. White, your table is ready follow me, please.
È pronto (sing) / Siete pronti (plur) per ordinare? — Are you ready to order?
Che cosa vuole (sing) / volete (plur) da bere? — What would you like for drink?
Vuole (sing) / Volete (plur) provare il vino? –Would you like to taste the wine?
Come vuole la bistecca? — How would you like your steak?
al sangue — rare
con cottura media — medium-rare
ben cotta — well done
È tutto? — Is that all?
Vuole (sing) / Volete (plur) un contorno? — Do you want any sides?
Buon appetito! — Enjoy your meal!
Vuole (sing) / Volete (plur) qualcos’altro? — Would you like anything else?
Posso portar via? — Can I take it?
Andava tutto bene? — Was everything alright?

The guest (Il cliente)

Vorrei fare una prenotazione. — I would like to make a reservation.
Avete tavoli liberi? — Do you have any free tables?
Posso avere il menù, per favore? — Could I have the menu, please?
Sono allergico a… — I’m allergic to…
Sono vegetariano – I’m vegetarian
Sono vegano – I’m vegan
Che cosa ci consiglia? — What would you recommend us?
Non siamo ancora pronti. — We’re not ready yet.
Vorrei una bottiglia di vino rosso. — I’d like a bottle of red wine.
Per favore, ci porti un’altra birra. — Please, bring us another beer.
Mi può portare il ketchup, per favore? — Could you bring me the ketchup, please?
Questo piatto è troppo piccante. – This dish is too spicy.
Era tutto squisito – Everything was delicious.
Mi può portare il conto, per favore? – Could you bring me the bill, please?

If you want to discover how to pronounce some of these Italian phrases to use in a restaurant, watch our video below, and you can also learn more about the Italian language on our YouTube channel, where you will find some interesting lessons about Italian numbers, Italian verbs, Italian prepositions, and so on.

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So, start with these Italian phrases to use in a restaurant and practice them everyday. Don’t forget that if you want to learn a new language, you need a commitment with yourself.