Top 10 Italian influencers you must know

Italian influencers

In a world where social media is increasingly universal, Italian influencers are vastly popular amongst not only Italians but the wider world. Influencers are people millions look up to and admire, they inspire their followers with the lifestyles they lead and brands they wear. Here are the top 10 Italian influencers you must know! 


Chiara Ferragni is arguably the most popular Italian influencer on an international scale. This fashion-blogger-turned-entrepreneur has propelled herself onto a world stage, meeting an unmatched success as an influencer.

  • Her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad, was started over 10 years ago.
  • The Harvard Business Review did a case study on Ferragni, its first ever on a fashion blogger.
  • In 2015, she was listed in the Forbes ‘30 Under 30’.


Chiara Biasi is also amongst some of the most popular Italian fashion bloggers out there. Biasi currently has a career in the fashion industry.

  • Biasi and Ferragni lived together in Milan when Biasi first become a fashion blogger, having given up her Economics studies.
  • She has multiple social media platforms that blend fashion, travel, and lifestyle.
  • Biasi has published her own autobiography, Chiaroscuri.


Another successful fashion blogger and influencer is Mariano Di Vaio. Di Vaio started his career in modelling and has only fairly recently released his own blog and fashion brand.

  • His blog covers everything from fashion and lifestyle to trends and travel.
  • Di Vaio has a biography titled My Dream Job which details his success.
  • He has even played a small role in a Hollywood-produced film called Deported!


Anna Dello Russo is an all-around powerhouse of an influencer. A fashion editor and author, her undeniable style makes her popular on social media.

  • Dello Russo has been the fashion editor for both Vogue Italia and Vogue Japan.
  • Her social media is naturally centered around haute couture.
  • She owns two apartments next to each other, one is entirely devoted to her clothes!


Gianluca Vacchi is one of the most famous Italian Instagram influencers. He is a multimillionaire turned Instagram superstar.

  • Vacchi started out as a businessman and moved into private equity where he made his millions.
  • He shot to Instagram fame with a video he posted in 2016.
  • Currently, Vacchi has almost 20 million followers on Instagram.


Diletta Leotta is a TV sports journalist and presenter and has a large Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok following, making her one of the prominent Italian influencers

  • Leotta’s Instagram account documents a trendy, sporty, and fashion-forward lifestyle.
  • She actually studied law at university and graduated in 2015.
  • She is engaged to Turkish actor Can Yaman. 


Federico Leonardo Lucia, known commonly by his stage name Fedez, is an Italian rapper and influencer. 

  • Fedez is married to extremely popular Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni.
  • During the Corona Virus pandemic, Fedez and Ferragni raised €4.5 million in a day for a hospital in Milan
  • Fedez and Ferragni’s combined social media following is 25 million people, the equivalent of the population of Australia!


Giulia De Lellis is an Italian TV personality and influencer; she is also a published author.

  • De Lellis has a large Instagram following that acts as a visual lifestyle blog.
  • She models and promotes brands and designer clothes on her Instagram.
  • She also has a YouTube channel where she does makeup tutorials.


For all the football fans, Marco Verratti is an influencer to keep an eye on. He is an Italian football player and digital influencer.

  • Verratti plays for the French team Paris Saint-Germain, and the Italian national team.
  • He signed a €30 million contract with Nike, one of the most expensive deals in football.
  • His Instagram feed takes a sneak peek into the world of football and the glamorous lifestyle he leads.


Claudio Marchisio is a former Italian football player and current social media influencer.

  • Marchisio notably played for Italian team Juventus and the Italian national team.
  • Also, he earned the nickname “Il Principino” due to his quality dress sense; a dress sense he now shows off on his Instagram account.
  • He featured on the Italian cover of the video game Fifa ’13 alongside Messi.

Italian influencers are incredibly popular not only amongst Italians but internationally. Reading posts made by Italian influencers is a good way to improve and learn Italian as you get to read more colloquial and casual Italian. Go check them out!

Now that you know the most popular Italian influencers, discover Italian phrases for Instagram!

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