Italian house and home vocabulary

Today we are going to talk about Italian house and home vocabulary. It’s very important to learn these basic Italian words in order to improve your Italian level. Try to memorize new words and phrases in Italian every day and remember that if you want to practice them, you can do so with a native Italian teacher from Parlando Italiano. In this way you will improve very quickly, become more fluent, and be able to talk about different topics in Italian. Your teacher will give you the best tips for learning Italian!

Italian house and home vocabulary

Italian house and home vocabulary

There are some memory techniques you can use to learn the Italian house and home vocabulary.  One of them is to write the different Italian words on some post-it notes and then put them on the furniture at home in order to read the words every time you see them. In this way you will learn easily and in a fun way.

So, have a look at our list of Italian words below. Not only will you learn the parts of the house in Italian, but also the words that Italian people use to talk about furniture.


bagno = bathroom
camera de letto = bedroom
cucina = kitchen
salotto / sala da pranzo = living room
stanza degli ospiti = guestroom
ripostiglio = utility room
garage = garage
balcone = balcony

If you want to discover how to pronounce these Italian words, please have a look at the video below:


Armadio = wardrobe
Attaccapanni = coat rack
Buca delle lettere = letterbox
Camino= chimney
Divano = couch
Finestra = window
Forno = oven
Frigorifero = fridge
Lampada = lamp
Lavandino = sink
Lavastoviglie = dishwasher
Lavatrice = washing machine
Doccia = shower
Letto = bed
Poltrona = armchair
Porta = door
Scrivania = desk
Sedia = chair
Tappeto = carpet
Tavolo = table
Tenda = curtain
Televisore / Televisione = television
Termosifone = radiator

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