20 Italian fruit names you need to learn with English translation

Italian fruits namesHave you ever wondered about Italian fruit names? Well, today we are going to look into some fruits and their names in the Italian language. By the time you finish reading this article, you would have learned Italian words pertaining to fruits. We will also be looking into which fruits are more favored in the Italian culture and why.


  • Plums 

A plum in Italian is la prugna. 

Italians eat them during the spring season. Plums in Italian symbolize hope and perseverance, as well as purity, the beauty of life.

  • Peaches 

The Italian name for peaches is la pesca. 

Like the plums, peaches are also seasonal fruits. Italy is among one of the states that produce peaches in large quantities and it also produces one of the sweetest peaches around the globe. 

  • Apricots 

This is known as l’albicocca in Italian.  

Its growing season is between July and august.

If you happen to go to Italy after or as you learn Italian, you can leave without tasting the delicious apricot jam!

  • Cherries 

In Italian, we can call these fruits le ciliegie. 

They are three types of cherries found in Italian (Vignola cherry, Ciliegia dell’Etna, and Ciliegia di Marostica) and you’ll get to know them better as you learn Italian.


  • Oranges 

An orange in Italian is l’arancia. They are in plenty and the country offers a great variety of high-quality blond and blood oranges.

  • Grapefruits

As you learn Italian, you’ll discover that these are pompelmo. 

  • Tangerines

This tasty fruit is known as mandarini in the Italian language. Do you prefer l’arancia or mandarini?

  • Lemons 

The Italian word for this fruit is il limone

  • Limes 

The Italian word is il lime 

Its pulp is rich in juice and Italians usually use it to flavor dishes and drinks by natives and also around the globe.

Plums in italian


These are fruits that have smooth skins and an enlarged fleshy area. 

Examples include:

  • Apples 

An apple in Italian is mela.

Italy being the world’s sixth-largest producer produces its apples in various places around such as Veneto, Friuli, and Trentino-Alto Adige regions. During the summer we can find more apple, hence apple pie is very re-known by the natives and it is to die for. 

  • Kiwi fruit 

Kiwi is referred to as kiwi in Italian (as you learn Italian it is important to note that the two words are spelled the same but sounds a bit different when pronouncing it due to the Italian accent)

  • Pears 

Pere as it is called in Italy is a very famous and favorable fruit in the country.

The Emilia Romagna pears, grown in the countryside of Reggio Emilia (the land of pears) and Ferrara among other cities


  • Bananas

The banana is referred to as la banana in Italian.

  •  Pineapples

Pineapples are referred to as ananas in Italian. 

Fun fact; most Italians do not tolerate pineapples on pizza so if you happen to travel to Italy one day, just have a traditional pizza. 

  • Avocados

Aah! Avocados, who doesn’t like them.

This fruit is referred to as l’avocado in Italian.  It also happens to have the same spelling as the English, in Italian we pronounce it differently. 

  • Dates

This fruit is referred to as il dattero in Italian

  • Figs 

A fig is referred to as il fico in Italian

  • Mangoes

A mango is referred to as Mango in Italian. 

It is important to note that the two words spell the same but sound a bit different when pronouncing them due to the Italian accent.


  • Watermelon 

L’Anguria is the given Italian name for this sweet watery fruit. 

Watermelon is a symbol of the work, intellect, and welfare

  • Melon

Its name in Italian is melone. 


Do you know any other Italian fruit names? These are just some of the fruit in Italian. If you would like to learn more and how they are pronounced, please check out our Italian lesson, we can assure you that it will help you to learn Italian like a native speaker!

Ci vediamo presto!!

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L’Anguria means...

Pere means...

Pompelmo means...

Mangoes in English and Mango in Italian are spelled the same but their pronunciation changes.

An apple in Italian is Appel.

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