Italian for kids

Italian for kids represents a great opportunity for children to learn Italian easily and quickly at home with a personal native Italian tutor. At ‘Parlando Italiano’ we have a broad range of experience teaching Italian to students of all ages and abilities and hence, we know how to adapt according to the students particular needs.

Italian for kids

Some of the reasons that we believe make us unique in teaching Italian to kids are:

    • We have friendly and approachable Italian teachers.
    • We offer personalized teaching material in accordance with our students age and ability.
    • Children will always receive our undivided attention.
    • Lessons are totally flexible.

Contact us if you want to get to know more about our company and receive additional  information about Italian for kids.

Our method:

Our teaching method focuses on the use of language, which we develop and practise via communication and interaction between the student and tutor. We use a ‘communicative method’ which enables children to learn to speak Italian very quickly.

Italian lessons for kidsOur aim is for the kids to become familiar with the new language in a short time and to do that we focus on recreating the “mother tongue” learning process, so that they can learn the foreign language in a most natural and spontaneous way. For this reason there are some very important elements that are common through all of our lessons:

    • Use of games, songs, videos, etc. so that kids can learn and have fun simultaneously.
    • Focus on the spoken language and basic vocabulary (colours, parts of the body, animals, etc.), which in the first place gives confidence and, in turn encourages them to speak and overcome any shyness or fear that they may have.
    • Full immersion in the Italian language and culture with the help of a personal Italian tutor who will speak Italian from the very first day of the course.

Italian for kids is a fantastic way for your child to have fun, learn a new language and discover more about a different culture!

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