10 Italian flirting phrases you need to learn

Italian flirting phrases

Learning some of the Italian flirting phrases could be a chance to meet your long-life partner. Flirting is a social and sexual behavior involving written or spoken communication as well as body language. The person flirting will send out indications that they are sexually available to another and expect to see the same kind of interest reciprocated. It can also be non-verbal signs; exchanged glances and simple touching of hands and hair.

Flirting could also be verbal involving; chatting, flirtatious comments, and exchange of cell phone numbers to communicate more. Flirting in Italian is interesting and romantic given the beautiful phrases one can make. Italian flirting phrases are easy to master and fun to listen to. These phrases will help you flirt in Italian even as you continue with your journey to learn Italian.


  • Mi fai eccitare 

Translation: You turn me on 

What better way than to go straight to the point and say exactly what you want. This is a very seductive phrase that is bound to get some kind of response since it implies that the one receiving this phrase is very sexy and irresistible. In Southern Italy, you can also say: “Mi fai arrapare”.

  • Potrei guardarti tutto il giorno

Translation: I could look at you all-day

This phrase will sound flirty since it packages one as so attractive to look at. It implies that the person saying it is very attracted to the other that they don’t mind staring at their faces all day.

  • Posso avere il tuo numero di telefono?

Translation: Can I have your cell phone number?

The beauty of today’s world is that almost everyone owns a cell phone and more interestingly a smartphone. Asking for someone’s number is flirtatious and suggests that I liked talking to you and I would continue talking to you anytime I want. The other party will likely give their number and during further conversations, they might even follow each other on social media. 

  • Come è possibile che tu sia ancora single?

Translation: How are you still single?

This phrase clearly shows a special kind of interest. It implies that they are beautiful/ handsome and it is unbelievable that they have not been taken off the market. This is a flirtatious phrase likely to take things to the next level.

flirt in Italian


  • Mi fai impazzire

Translation: You make me crazy

This is a flirty phrase likely to get things moving. People love to feel special and they love been told they are special even more. Telling someone that they make crazy is implying that just the thought makes them go insane and they would nothing but to have you with them. It is a romantic and a very seductive phrase in Italian. 

  • Posso offrirti da bere? 

Translation: Can I buy you a drink?

This Italian phrase shouts to the top that just meeting you and seeing you is not enough. It implies that they would love your company. It could be the beginning of a first and many dates to come. This phrase implies taking someone out which may or may not lead to a serious relationship. It is definitely a way of someone expressing their interest in knowing more about you. 

  • Dove sei stato/stata tutto questo tempo? 

Translation: Where have you been all this time?

Italian flirting phrases are interesting and seductive; this phrase is nothing less than that. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have someone wonder where you have been all this time and why you have never met? This phrase has them wishing they had met you earlier because you’re certainly special and they are glad they finally met you. Please note you should change between “stato” (masculine) and “stata” (feminine) depending on the person you are referring to.


  • Non riesco a smettere di pensare a te.

Translation: I can’t stop thinking about you.

This phrase is perfect when said to someone whom you’ve already met and are leading each other on. It is a great way of telling them that you can’t take them off your mind. It is a perfect flirty phrase in Italian for people who have developed a crush on each other. This phrase awakens every romantic spirit and keeps yearning for when you will meet them again in Italy. 

  • Verresti al cinema con me? 

Translation: Would you come to the movies with me?

This phrase shows both a romantic and flirty move. It is meant to say that “I would love to have more fun with you by taking you to the movies” It is a romantic gesture of asking someone out in Italian. 

  • Qualcuno ti ha mai detto che hai un sorriso meraviglioso?

Translation: Has anyone ever told you that you have a gorgeous smile?

This phrase’s flirty side is perfectly displayed when it is said in Italian. It implies that they are very beautiful and amusing to look at. 


Flirting is important in wanting to get someone’s attention which is why you need to learn Italian

Italian flirting phrases are not just sweet; they are interesting to listen to. Saying the phrases in Italian gives them a specific tone that is both seductive and romantic. Do you want to sound romantic with every single word? Learn Italian flirting words and phrases.

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