20 most popular Italian drinks to drink in Italy

italian drinksWill you be traveling to Italy in the near future? If so, one of the most important things to learn is the various Italian drinks. Being able to order your favorite drink (or trying a new Italian) at a restaurant is a major advantage when in an Italian-speaking country.

Italians are well-known for their great cuisine as well as their tasty drinks, and they love drinking things like Negroni, Grappa, Spritz, and more. Have you ever wondered, what do Italians drink? This article will include a great list of the drinks in Italy that you could order, as well as what Italians normally drink. 


  • il vino/i vini (wine)
  • il vino rosso (red wine)
  • il vino bianco (white wine)
  • rosé / rosato (rosé wine)
  • birra alla spina (beer on tap)
  • birra chiara (light / blond beer)
  • birra scura (dark beer)
  • un liquore (liquor)
  • un cocktail (cocktail) – note that we say “drink” or “cocktail” in Italian.
  • una bevanda (beverage)
  • il gin (gin)
  • la vodka (vodka)
  • Grappa(la grappa) – Likewise, Grappa in Italian is the same word!

It is very useful to memorize this list because these are some of the most common alcoholic Italian drinks. It is important to mention that to say “with ice”, you would say, “con ghiaccio”. 

drinks in italy


On the other hand, we created for you a list of the most common Italian drinks:

  • caffè (coffee)
  • acgua (water)
  • bibita (drink)
  • Acqua natural (still water)
  • Acqua gassata (fizzy water)
  • (tea)
  • Succo di frutta (fruit juice)
  • latte (milk)
  • aranciata (orange soda)
  • gassosa (soda)
  • Spremuta di arancia (orange juice)

In addition, keep in mind that to say “hot chocolate” in Italian, it is “cioccolata calda”. 

Of course, there is so much more to Italian than drinks. If you would like to expand your horizons and learn some more Italian, why not contact us as we offer convenient, online Italian lessons that you can take in the comfort of your own home and with a qualified Italian teacher.

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