Italian courses

With Parlando Italiano you can choose between different kinds of Italian courses. We offer private Italian lessons in person at your home/office or by Skype. So not only will you have personalized classes totally adapted to your Italian level, but you will also be able to pick the most suitable course depending on your individual needs! Remember that all our Italian tutors, apart from being native Italian speakers, have a broad range of experience teaching Italian to students of all ages and levels. So they will help you learn easily and in an effective way.

Apart from our general Italian courses, we have a wide variety of other specialized courses:

Italian for business 

Italian for business

These courses are for those students who need to learn Italian for business reasons. If you work for an Italian company or have clients in Italy and need to learn Italian to better perform your job, this course is perfect for you. Lessons can take place at your home/office or by Skype.

Preparation courses for Cils, Celi and Plida exams

Italian exams

If you would like to obtain an official Italian language certificate (Cils, Celi or Plida), these courses will help you to prepare for your exam in the most effective way, thanks to our professional and qualified tutors. They will personalise and focus your Italian lessons on those aspects of the language that you need to improve the most. Grammar, listening, speaking, writing, etc.

GCSE Italian courses

GCSE Italian

These courses are designed to help students of secondary schools to prepare for their GCSE exam. As usual, it is possible to choose between face-to-face lessons and Skype lessons. The teaching material will be focused on helping them to increase their examination confidence.

Italian courses for travellers  

Italian for traveller

If you are planning to visit Italy and would like to learn some useful Italian phrases in order to speak with the locals during your trip, we strongly recommend this course. Practicing Italian with your native Italian teacher will help you learn easily and quickly. In this way, you will feel comfortable during your holidays in Italy!

Italian courses for kids

Italian course for kids

The language learning process is quite different for kids, and for this reason we offer Italian courses specifically adapted to them. The teaching material is very entertaining. We use games, songs, videos, and it is focused on the spoken language so that the kids can learn in a more natural and spontaneous way. They will learn Italian with a native and qualified Italian teacher.

Italian courses in Italy 

Italian course in Italy

If you want to learn Italian in Italy in order to have a full immersion in the Italian language and culture, have a look at our wide variety of Italian courses. Parlando Italiano collaborates with many schools in different Italian cities (Rome, Siena, Bologna, Sorrento, etc). In this way you will improve your Italian level very quickly and at the same time you will experience the Italian way of life.

So, whatever your reason for learning Italian is – job, preparation of exams, travels, and so on – with Parlando Italiano you can reach your target easily, quickly and in an effective way. Contact us to receive more information about our Italian courses today!