Italian course for travellers

If you are planning to visit Italy and want to learn some basic Italian words and phrases to communicate with the locals when you are there, our Italian course for travellers is the best option for you!


The main aim of this Italian course for tourists is to teach – in a quick and effective way – all those aspects of the Italian language and culture which will help you interact with Italians during your stay. For example, when making a hotel reservation, asking for a dish of pasta (un piatto di pasta) in a restaurant, or for a coffee and a croissant (un caffè e un cornetto) in a local cafe.  These tips may seem very simple, but you will be surprised to discover how useful they are since they will help you to interact naturally  while you are there.

Advantages of our Italian course for travellers:

  • Is the date of your trip getting close leaving you little time to learn Italian? No problem! With Parlando Italiano you can start your course whenever you want, even tomorrow.
  • Since we offer one-to-one lessons, you will be able to make the most of every minute of them thanks to your private Italian teacher’s help.
  • In each lesson, your teacher will talk about a specific topic related to your journey (food, means of transport, asking for directions, etc.) and you will also be able to suggest any topic you are interested in.
  • After a few classes you will know some useful and basic Italian phrases for travel.
  • Your native Italian teacher will give you feedback and support throughout the process ensuring that you are ready for your Italian journey.

Kinds of lessons and packages:

  • You can choose between different kinds of packages (5, 10, or 20 hours) depending on your individual needs.
  • You can also choose between different kinds of lessons: face-to-face lessons at your home/office – if you live in London and prefer to meet your teacher in person, or Skype lessons – if you wish to do your Italian course online from the comfort of your own home.

Even if you don’t need to ‘master’ Italian to enjoy your trip, we think that it is advisable to know at least a little bit about the language before you go in order to appreciate the culture more and make the most of your experience. That’s why we have created this special Italian course to meet your specific needs as a traveller.

Italian-course-for-touristsWhether you are an absolute beginner and starting from scratch or a more advanced student wishing to brush up on your Italian, this Crash Course for tourists will help you to progress quickly and in a fun way. So, have a look at our prices and choose the pack of lessons that suits you best.

We offer a trial lesson by Skype which is totally free, whilst the first face-to-face lesson has a 15% discount. Both options will give you the opportunity to get to know your private teacher and enable them to create lessons to cater to your specific needs.

So, don’t waste more time, contact us, and start your Italian course for travellers with Parlando Italiano!