Italian Coffee: Types, Brands and much more!

Italian coffee

Are you coffee lovers? Today we want to show you a list of Italian coffee types so that you can get to know their names and characteristics.

Coffee has been part of the Italian culture since its arrival from the East in 1570 to Italy, conquering the hearts of the Italians and becoming one of the most significant symbols in this country.

Moreover, coffee is considered by many people as a ritual usually after a meal, or it can also be seen as that moment when we can get away and forget about the stresses of our lives.

Let’s see together all the different types of Italian coffee.


How to order a coffee in Italy

Before we start with the list of Italian coffees, we would like to inform you that Italians usually drink their coffee with a glass of water. 


Espresso coffee is one of the best-known and typical Italian coffees. It is extremely strong and, people usually drink it in shots (small quantities). There are also other variants of this coffee:


A higher concentration of aromas characterizes it compared to traditional espresso coffee. In other words, it has the same amount of coffee as an espresso but with less water.


 It is characterised by a greater quantity of water, but the quantity of coffee remains the same, so it has a less intense flavour.


It is characterised by a double quantity of coffee and water, it is basically like making two espresso coffees together.


Another typical Italian coffee is decaffeinato, also known as caffè Hag, an Italian brand of decaf coffee. As its name suggests, it acts to eliminate caffeine and is a great option for people who cannot drink coffee for health reasons.

Decaffeinate coffee can be found in powder and capsules for coffee machines, in shops and restaurants.


Italian coffee types

There are other types of coffee with milk. But, remember that you have to be careful with quantities and proportions!


This is made with a traditional espresso and a splash of milk. 


This typical Italian coffee has an espresso base, half milk, and milk foam (on the surface creating a design with it).

Additionaly, some people sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate on top.

People often drink this coffee at breakfast. 


It contains an espresso base and whole milk. In this case, it is almost a whole glass of milk and a splash of coffee.


Ideal for breakfast, this coffee has an espresso base and hot milk. Some people choose to mix instant coffee powder with hot milk.


This coffee has an espresso base to which cocoa (chocolate) powder, milk, and frothed milk as well. It is usually served in a small glass mug.

Some people add cinnamon to taste.


Very similar to the previous one, it has an espresso base to which hot chocolate and frothed milk are added.

Cinnamon can be added to taste.


Here are some other typical Italian coffees:

  • Caffè shakerato: This is made with espresso, ice, sugar, and a drop of milk. 
  • Crema al caffè: This contains a base of cream, coffee, and sugar. Also with a dusting of cinnamon or chocolate. 
  • Caffè americano/all’americana: Espresso base and a lot of water, usually served in a large glass.
  • Caffè viennese: Very similar to moccacino, the only difference is that it has whipped cream.


Now that you know all the different Italian coffee types, have a look at our list of Italian coffee brands so that you can buy the best of the best! 

  • Caffè Borbone 
  • Caffè Illy
  • Caffè Lavazza
  • Caffè Toraldo
  • Caffè Motta
  • Caffè Pellini 
  • Caffè Vergnano

All these coffees are really delicious and you will easily find them on Amazon


Here is a dialogue so that you can learn how to order a coffee like a real Italian.

  1. Buongiorno (Good morning)
  2. B. Buongiorno, vorrei un cappuccino e un bicchiere d’acqua liscia, per favore. (Good morning, I’d like one cappuccino and one glass of still water, please)
  3. A. Ecco a Lei. (Sure. Here you are)
  4. Grazie. Quant’è? (Thank you. How much is it?)
  5. A. 1,20€. 
  6. B. Ecco qui. Buona giornata! (Here you are. Have a good day!)
  7. Grazie. Buona giornata anche a Lei! (Thanks. You too)

What do you think of these Italian coffee types? You certainly can’t miss the opportunity to try them at some point!

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