Italian clothing vocabulary you can easily learn with exercises

Italian clothing vocabulary

You want to be able to dress in Italian, then you have to learn Italian clothing vocabulary. Italy is known as one of the best fashion destinations in the world. Your shopping experience could be more fun if you took a step to learn the Italian language.

Learn about the different Italian clothing brands, the famous Italian fashion designers like Giorgio Armani known for his luxury fashion empire that boasts of Apparel lines in conjunction with accessories, footwear, cosmetics and home-based décor.

To be familiar with the Italian clothing vocabulary, you have to be willing to learn the Italian language. It will dawn on you that this is a wide topic and it includes a lot. Obviously, there are men’s and women’s clothes in Italian and we shall look at the two groups first.


  • Papillon (Bow tie)
  • Camicia (Shirt)
  • Giacca sportiva (Sport jacket)
  • Abito da uomo (Suit)
  • Gilet (Waistcoat)
  • Cravatta (Tie)
  • Smoking (Dinner suit, Tuxedo)
  • Boxer (Boxer shorts)
  • Canottiera (Undershirt)
  • Mutande (Underwear)
  • Maglietta (T-shirt)
  • Giacca a vento (Windbreaker)
  • Sciarpa (Scarf)
  • Jeans (Jeans)
  • Felpa (Sweatshirt)
  • Tuta da ginnastica (Sweat suit)
  • Maglione (Sweater)
  • Impermeabile (Raincoat)


  • Bikini (Bikini)
  • Camicia (Blouse)
  • Vestito (Dress)
  • Gonna (Skirt)
  • Minigonna (Miniskirt)
  • Completo da donna (Suit)
  • Reggiseno (Bra)
  • Camicia da notte (Nightgown)
  • Mutandine (Panties)
  • Collant (Pantyhose/tights)
  • Sottoveste (Slip)
  • Calze (Stockings)
  • Pantaloncini (Shorts)
  • Canotta (Tank top)
  • Pantaloni di lino (Linen trouser)
  • Tuta sportiva (Tracksuit)
  • Abito lungo (Maxi dress)
  • Accappatoio (Bathrobe)
  • Biancheria intima (Lingerie)
  • Canottiera di cotone (Cotton vest)


  • Cintura (Belt)
  • Berretto (Cap)
  • Guanti (Gloves)
  • Cappello (Hat)
  • Borsa (Purse)
  • Calzini (Socks)
  • Occhiali da sole (Sunglasses)
  • Orologio (Watch)
  • Cravatta (Tie)
  • Bretelle (Suspenders)

Italian clothing brands


  • Le scarpe alte/col tacco (High-heeled shoes)
  • Le scarpe a tacco medio (Medium-heeled shoes)
  • Le scarpe basse (Flats)
  • Gli stivali (Boots)
  • I sandali (Sandals)
  • Le infradito (Flip-flops)
  • Le scarpe da trekking (Hiking boots)
  • Le scarpe da ginnastica (Tennis shoes)
  • Le scarpe da corsa (Running shoes)
  • Gli stivali di gomma (Rain boots)


  • Il cotone (Cotton)
  • La pelle (Leather)
  • Pelle scamosciata (Suede)
  • Pelle lucida (Patent leather)
  • Pelle vegana (Vegan leather)
  • La lana (Wool)
  • Il lino (Linen)
  • La seta (Silk)
  • A maniche lunghe (Long-sleeved)
  • A maniche corte (Short-sleeved)
  • Elegante (Elegant)
  • Attillato (Tight-fitting)
  • Lungo (Long)
  • Corto (Short)
  • Scollato (Low-cut)
  • Col collo a V (V-necked)
  • Col collo rotondo (Round-necked)
  • Casual (Casual)
  • Un vestito importante (A serious/important dress)
  • A strisce (Striped)

It is interesting to note that Italy is known for high profile Italian fashion designers like Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace but know very little about them. People know so much about what they have created but not about the designers. There are famous Italian clothing brands which are very well known. They are the likes of Bottega Veneta, Versace, Moschino, Gucci, Valentino, Fendi, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Miu Miu among others.

Bottega Veneta is well known for specializing in premium leather goods and accessories. Versace is known for its expensive and glamorous pieces. Also for upbeat colours, bold outlines and exciting graphics.


Italian clothing vocabulary are many and sometimes as you learn Italian, you might need to familiarize yourself with short phrases like;-

  • Cerco una bella giacca invernale (I am looking for a nice winter jacket)
  • Sono/porto/indosso una taglia media (I am/I wear a medium)
  • Posso provare questo vestito? (May I try this dress?)
  • Vorrei provare questi. (I would like to try these)
  • Dove sono i camerini? (Where are the fitting rooms?)
  • Non mi sta/stanno. (It doesn’t/they don’t fit.)
  • Mi sta stretto/piccolo. (It fits me tightly/it’s small)
  • Preferisco… (I prefer…)
  • Ha altri colori? (Do you have other colors?)
  • È troppo grande/piccolo (It’s too big/small)


  • Togliere (To take off)
  • adattare un indumento (To fit a garment)
  • indossare/mettere (To put on)
  • indossare vestiti (To put on clothes)
  • andare con (To go with)
  • stonare (To clash)
  • lavare i vestiti (To wash clothes)
  • cucire (To sew)
  • rammendare (To mend)
  • lavorare a maglia (To knit)

What’s your favourite clothing for the winter or summer? Enjoy a whole new world which is fun and exciting when learning Italian clothing vocabulary.

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Per Natale regalerò a Mariana un paio di jeans e un (dress).

Quando c'è molto sole devo indossare gli (sunglasses).

Mia nonna mi sta insegnando a (to sew).

What does "scollato" mean in English?

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How can you say "May I try this dress?" in Italian?

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