The 5 best Italian blogs to learn Italian

Italian Blogs

Italian Blogs are a great resource for learning a language without the formality of lessons and studying; reading a blog can be a fun and engaging way of supplementing your language learning in your spare time at your own pace. 

Blogs are not only fantastic for casual reading but tremendously diverse. You can find a blog catered to your language level, from a complete beginner looking for basic grammar and language advice, to an advanced learner looking to practice their newfound skills through reading.


Italian blogs, for Italian learners, come in all shapes and sizes for all levels of learners and are an excellent way to learn Italian whilst also getting to learn about Italian culture, society, and lifestyle. Here are the 5 best Italian blogs to learn Italian:


My Italian Lessons blog supplements their already comprehensive language school with a variety of articles ranging from grammar and advice to slang terms and Italian recipes; this blog truly has it all! My Italian Lessons has a prolific, well-rounded blog for any Italian learner. It gives detailed guidance and tips concerning not only the technical aspect of Italian but the cultural aspect too. As far as Italian blogs go, this is a must to read as it is a complete introduction to the language and the country.


LingQ is a great, uncomplicated blog that is mostly for beginner Italian learners. It consists almost entirely of simple articles that cover all the basic aspects of the language. It ensures a solid foundation of Italian to any beginner learner. The layout and style of the blog are easy to follow and minimalist. That means that purely the subject of the article stands out for the reader. 


The Learn Travel Italian blog is a helpful resource for an intermediate Italian learner; it is perfect for learners looking for help in understanding a particular aspect of grammar. It meticulously unpacks and offers detailed explanations, of various parts of grammar that feature in Italian. Check the ‘Learn Italian!’ category on the left-hand side of the screen and be sure to have a look at the Italian recipes for a dose of Italian culture too! 



Learn Italian with Lucrezia is an Italian blog best suited to more advanced learners as most of the articles are written in Italian. Her blog is perfect for those just beginning to venture out into reading in Italia because her vocabulary is easy to understand. Also, the articles give readers a keen insight into Italian culture, from a purely Italian point of view, whilst providing useful language tips and tricks to help a learner on their way to being fluent. This blog is a must-read for learners looking to expand their skills without being discouraged by complicated and confusing words.


Manuela Vitulli is one of the best Italian bloggers for advanced learners looking to practice their reading skills with authentic, real-life Italian. Reading in Italian is the best way to become fluent. It exposes a learner to a broad range of vocabulary and cements language and grammar structures. This blog in Italian is a great way for an advanced learner to encounter more colloquial, conversational Italian whilst satisfying their inner globetrotter as Manuela’s blog documents her travel adventures; by reading her blog, a learner encounters vocabulary centered around travel, perfect for preparing a trip to Italy!

Blog in Italian


Italian blogs are a great way for any level of learner to supplement and improve their language skills; blogs are a casual, engaging way of not only learning the language but learning about the culture and daily life in Italy. Whatever your language level, go check out these blogs! You are bound to learn something new!

Now that you know the best Italian blogs to learn Italian, discover the best podcasts to learn Italian effortlessly.

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