Italian animals list

Learning the animal names in Italian can be very easy. Have a look at our Italian animals list below, try to read the names out and repeat them again and again in order to improve your Italian vocabulary. If you like the Italian language and self-taught study, we also recommend that you visit the My Italian lessons YouTube channel every week in order to discover new Italian words, phrases and grammar rules. On the other hand, if you prefer learning with a private Italian teacher, remember that our school offers Italian lessons at home and Italian lessons by Skype.


Studying the vocabulary is very useful when you are learning a foreign language because it will help you be more fluent and confident during your conversations about different topics. So, now that you have studied the Italian family vocabulary and the body parts in Italian, let’s continue learning new Italian words with our Italian animal list:

Agnello = Lamb
Anatra = Duck
Ape = Bee
Asino = Donkey
Bue = Ox
Cammello = Camel
Cane = Dog
Canguro = Kangaroo
Cavallo = Horse
Cervo = Deer
Coniglio = Rabbit
Coccodrillo = Crocodile
Delfino = Dolphin
Elefante = Elephant
Farfalla = Butterfly
Foca = Seal
Gallina = Hen
Gallo = Cock
Gatto = Cat
Giraffa = Giraffe
Gorilla = Gorilla
Ippopotamo = Hippopotamus
Leone = Lion
Lupo = Wolf
Maiale = Pig
Mucca = Cow
Oca = Goose
Orso = Bear
Panda = Panda
Pinguino = Penguin
Pecora = Sheep
Ragno = Spider
Rana = Frog
Serpente = Snake
Scimmia = Monkey
Tacchino = Turkey
Tartaruga = Turtle
Tigre = Tiger
Topo = Mouse
Toro = Bull
Verme = Worm
Zanzara = Mosquito
Zebra = Zebra

Click here to watch a video and discover how to pronounce some of these Italian animal names. After that, try to memorize these new terms and don’t forget to use them during your conversations in order to put them into practice.

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