10 interesting facts about Italy you must know

Interesting facts about Italy

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or fluent in the Italian language, I am sure that as you learn Italian there are some interesting facts about Italy that you’ve come across.  

I know you’ve had some fun facts of Italy whether by word of mouth, reading, or through experience. In this article, we are going to venture into some interesting facts about Italy and maybe in the process, you’ll get to learn Italian more.

Let’s get into it!!



Salad is considered in many countries as the main course but in Italy, salad is eaten as an appetizer.  The roughage in it is thought to aid in digestion. A traditional meal has two courses (Coffee is a must) fresh fruit known as la frutta and dolce known as dessert. Learn Italian and you will know some of these interesting facts about Italy and its foods.


Another interesting fact is that in Italy “Gnocchi” is eaten on Thursday. Italy being mostly Catholic, started this tradition in agreement with the catholic tradition in ancient years.  Thursday being mid-week and in preparation for a meat-free day on Friday which is Catholic faithful observes.  Gnocchi is a most loved recipe by Italians and has a lot of good nutrients and is very tasty too. Also, Sunday lunch is all about family and this is the true Italian spirit. They usually eat Lasagna on Sundays. The first and second Italian generation has kept this as a tradition where the whole family sits together as a family and enjoys Lasagna. 


It is interesting to discover that Italian doesn’t eat meat on Christmas Eve. Italy whose main religion is Catholicism has observed that religious tradition where they abstained from meat and animal fat and instead would partake of fish as an alternative. Italians are known not to eat any meat before any feast day as a tradition. This is a major point in Italian facts about culture.

Fun facts of Italy


“Italian aperitif” is usually before dinner, between 6 and 7 pm. The Italian aperitif tickles the appetite. It is, therefore, an excellent way to spend time with friends after work or with family. When you are on a visit to Italy, aperitivo is a must-have.


Italians only drink Cappuccino during breakfast. Interesting as it may sound, this is the way Italians are used to. Milk is seen as something heavy and filling. Frothed milk even more so. After an appropriate meal, it’s not possible to add a heavy hot cup of cappuccino as a top-up. In some parts of Italy, natives may consider it rude to take a cappuccino after a meal. Though Italians have many fancy names for coffee it does not indicate how they take their coffee. Italians mainly take espresso. A small shot of coffee. Cappuccino is mainly for breakfast.


Italians eat lentils on New Year’s Eve as a tradition. The belief is that they give good luck in the coming year as well as wealth and prosperity. This tradition originates in ancient Rome where the lentils were believed to resemble the Roman coins. The cooked lentils are bigger in size and they associate it with abundance and prosperity.


Some of the Italian food facts are that modern pizza is the most famous Italian food and was invented in the 19th century in Naples. However, you will not find pizza in any Italian restaurant. The original Italian pizza is actually very simple without the many known toppings known around the world. It is just a thin crust with a simple topping like basil and tomato sauce and sometimes with mozzarella. Italians love pasta and Italians eat an average of 23000 grams of pasta every year! Italians eat pasta almost every day but that does not come as surprise considering their yearly consumption and the fact that there are more than 300 types of pasta.

Italian facts about culture


Did you know that Italy has a free wine fountain? Yes, that is true and very real. This fountain is in Caldari di Ortona in Italy. The fountain flows 24 hours every day. Wine production is one of the main economic sectors in Italy. Italy is the biggest producer in the world. Of course, Italy is tops in most of the travelers’ lists because of its extraordinary art, food, scenery and a lot more. In fact, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the entire world. 


You have heard of active volcanoes. Europe has three of them and they all happen to be in Italy. Mount Etna erupted in 2018 and going nearer, you can observe steam rising from the top. The others are mount Stromboli and Vesuvius, which are also active.


The world’s smallest country is in Italy. The Vatican City is around 44 hectares and is located in Rome. The Vatican has some of the most famous monuments in the world. As you learn Italian you will realize that you can easily adventure more and learn more about the Vatican.

Italy is a wonderful country to visit with impressive architecture and much more. For people who choose to learn the Italian language, the advantage is even more. Understanding the Italian culture becomes easier and more interesting.

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