Intensive online Italian courses

We offer intensive online Italian courses specifically designed for those students who need to learn Italian fast. Through these distance learning courses we offer the possibility to study Italian easily and quickly with qualified native Italian tutors.

The first 60-minute lesson is totally free… contact us and arrange it today!  It will be a fantastic opportunity to get to know our school.

intensive online Italian courses

To join our online courses you just need a computer and a Skype contact. In this way you will be able to see and listen to your tutor in a very natural and spontaneous way, almost as if you were in the same room.

Advantages of our online Italian courses

We are sure you will love our online Italian courses because they are:

  • Flexible: we work seven days a week and you can schedule your lessons when it best suits you.
  • Cheap: you can receive totally personalized attention at competitive prices.
  • Convenient: you can study in the comfort of your own home or office, and if you are abroad or travelling and don’t want to miss your classes, you will just have to turn on your PC to have a lesson!

intensive Italian courseCourses will also be totally personalized and adapted to your Italian level. Your teacher will send you a variety of teaching materials depending on your specific needs and will make the most of technology to prepare dynamic and interactive classes. Not only will you practice the grammar and the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) but you will also read newspaper articles, watch videos and extracts from TV shows or advertisements, listen to Italian songs, etc. in order to have a full immersion into the Italian language and culture.

We work every day, including the weekend, and you can start whenever you would like. Our intensive courses are structured as blocks of 10 lessons, which offer fantastic discounts and enable you to receive several classes per week at an affordable price. Our tutors are flexible and always try to accommodate any request so you will be totally free to have lessons that fit in with your lifestyle.

In case you are looking for lesons at home, please visit our post about Italian courses in London.

So if you are looking for intensive online Italian courses with qualified tutors to learn Italian easily and in a fun way, don’t hesitate anymore… Parlando Italiano is the perfect solution for you!

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