How to say happy birthday and best wishes in Italian

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how to say happy birthday in Italian

With the following sentences you’ll be able to say happy birthday, best wishes and other useful expressions that are very common in Italian.

How to say happy birthday in Italian

  • Buon Compleanno! / Happy birthday!
  • Tanti Auguri! / Best wishes!
  • Auguroni! / Best wishes!
  • Spero che tuttti i tuoi desideri si avverino. / May all your wishes come true!
  • Ti auguro tutta la felicità del mondo. / I wish you all the happiness in the world!

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how to say best wishes in Italian

More congratulations in Italian

  • Congratulazioni agli sposi! / Congratulations to the newlyweds!
  • Buon anniversario di matrimonio! / Happy wedding anniversary!
  • Felice anniversario! / Happy anniversary!
  • Dopo tanti anni insieme, siete ancora inseparabili. I nostri migliori auguri! / After so many years together, you are still inseparable. We wish you the best!

If anyone achieved a goal, you may express your best wishes using one of these expressions:

  • Compimenti dottore! / Congratulations! (The Italian word dottore is used to refer to someone who has graduated from university. For women, we use dottoressa instead)
  • Congratulazioni per il risultato dei tuoi esami! / Congratulations for your exam results!
  • Buona fortuna nel mondo del lavoro. / Good luck in the world of work!
  • Ti auguro il meglio! / I wish you the best!

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