How to introduce yourself in Italian

Today you are going to discover how to introduce yourself in Italian. If you are learning Italian and are at a beginner level, these basic Italian phrases will be extremely helpful. So, have a look at our list below and try to memorise the most common words and phrases you can use during your first contact with Italian people.

how to introduce yourself in italian

Basic phrases to introduce yourself in Italian: 

  • Piacere = Nice to meet you
  • Mi chiamo Marco = My name is Marco
  • Ho 33 anni = I am 33 years old

As you can see, in Italian we use the verb to have (avere) not the verb to be, to say our age.

  • Sono italiano = I am Italian

Remember that Italian adjectives agree in gender (masculine/feminine) with the nouns they modify, so a man says sono italiano whilst a woman says sono italiana. Read our post about the adjectives of nationality in Italian to discover how to say your nationality in the Italian language.

  • Sono di Roma = I am from Rome
  • Vivo in Italia = I live in Italy
  • Vivo a Milano = I live in Milan

As you can see, we use different prepositions depending on the sentence. With countries we use the Italian preposition ‘in’ (Vivo in Italia), whilst with cities we use the Italian preposition ‘a’ (Vivo a Milano). If you want to know more about this topic, you can read our post about how to use the Italian prepositions.

  • Sono un insegnante di italiano / Faccio l’insegnante di italiano = I am an Italian teacher

There are two different ways to say what your job is. You can use the verb to be (essere) + the indefinite article (un, un’, uno, una) or the verb to do (fare) + the definite article (il, l’, lo, la). If you want to discover the translation of your job in Italian, have a look at our Italian professions list.

Basic Italian questions to ask when meeting someone for the first time:

After learning how to introduce yourself in Italian, you can now learn how to ask questions to someone you meet for the first time. 

  • Come ti chiami? = What is your name?
  • Quanti anni hai? = How old are you?
  • Di dove sei? = Where are you from?
  • Dove vivi? = Where do you live?
  • Che lavoro fai? = What is your job?

Once you have memorised these phrases, you can discover more basic Italian phrases for beginners through our Italian blog.

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