GCSE Italian Course

The Italian GCSE is a course for students of secondary schools in the UK who want to prove their ability in the language through a national recognised certificate. Our GCSE Italian course helps students to develop their Italian language skills in a variety of contexts and build a broad understanding of Italian culture and traditions as well as vocabulary and language structures.


Italian is one of the most studied languages in the world and has an important place in a multi-lingual global society. Also, this qualification counts towards the English Baccalaureate.

Parlando Italiano is delighted to offer private tuition for all young students who want to face this challenge. Our Italian teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced with the British educational system. They can provide your child with high quality tuition tailored around the needs and the current level of the student and create an effective plan to ensure the best grade.

Our Italian lessons can be delivered at home or through Skype, one-to-one format or in a group.

Regarding the course, it is necessary to know that there are two exam boards that offer a full assessment of GCSE Italian: AQA and EDEXEL. Your teacher will directly contact your child’s school or help them to find somewhere to take the exam if they are a private candidate. The tuition will be planned according to the relevant specifications and the teacher will make sure they will achieve the best level possible in the four areas: understanding written and spoken Italian as well as speaking and writing in the language.

The tuition will also cover all the educational topics:

  • Lifestyle and Health
  • Healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences Relationships and Choices
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Future plans regarding: marriage/partnership
  • Social issues and equality.
  • Leisure Free Time and the Media
  • Free time activities
  • Shopping, money, fashion and trends
  • Advantages and disadvantages of new technology Holidays
  • Plans, preferences, experiences
  • What to see and getting around
  • Home and Environment Home and Local Area
  • Special occasions celebrated in the home
  • Home, town, neighbourhood and region, where it is and what it is like Environment
  • Current problems facing the planet
  • Being environmentally friendly within the home and local area
  • Work and Education School/College and Future Plans
  • What school/college is like
  • Pressures and problems Current and Future Jobs
  • Looking for and getting a job
  • Advantages and disadvantages of different jobs

Your child will also be trained for the examination that is normally run between May and June every year, and is taken in year 11 (When the students are 16 years old). The assessment can, of course, be taken before then if the student is particularly skilful and the school have agreed with it.

The test is divided into four parts and specific preparation is provided to ensure they are able to communicate effectively in:

Unit 1 – Listening and Understanding in Italian
Unit 2 – Speaking
Unit 3 – Reading and understanding
Unit 4 – Writing

So, if you are looking for a GCSE Italian course, don’t hesitate anymore and contact us for more information.