5 easy songs to learn Italian for beginners

How are you doing with your Italian lessons? If you’re struggling to study vocabulary but always forget the same words time and time again, this list of easy songs to learn Italian for beginners is for you!

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songs to learn Italian

Today we’ve chosen some of the most famous Italian tunes because we think learning a language doesn’t have to be a tough task, but a fun experience. Besides, music is an activity you can do anytime, anywhere (you may listen to it on your Smartphone at home, on the bus, walking…). Finally, our selection includes very easy melodies with the lyrics, which you’ll master in no time at all, surprising yourself singing them from morning to night! They all use simple vocabulary Italians use every day.

List of easy songs to learn Italian for beginners:

E penso a te (Lucio Battisti – 1972)

It’s not just a beautiful song about the nostalgia of a lost love, but it’s also a catchy collection of everyday verbs, which make it the perfect song for beginners. You’ll learn it in a minute without studying. Actions like pensare, lavorare, telefonare, dormire, tornare, etc. are referred to in first person singular.

Azzurro (Adriano Celentano – 1979)

 A list of Italian songs without Adriano Celentano is not a list. Azzurro is an unusual song about love and loneliness in the summer.  We particularly like it because almost all the verbs are in the present tense. Also its melody, a sort of military march, is easy to remember for students who have just started learning Italian.

GIoca jouer (Claudio Cecchetto – 1981)

If you like dancing, you’ll love this. It’s an uncomplicated song, where the singer encourages people to do simple actions, resulting in a visual connection between the word and its meaning, which is very useful for beginners. Besides, all verbs are in infinitive, which may help you better memorize the Italian verbal system.

Bella (Jovanotti – 1997)

This lovely pop song is full of everyday words like finestra, mattina, giorno, fiore, pane, etc. you’ll use at all times, especially if you travel to Italy.

Il Pulcino Pio (Morgana Giovannetti – 2012)

This hilarious 2012 summer hit has been translated into several languages (Spanish, German, French, Dutch, etc.). We absolutely love it and, as with many other Italian teachers, we like it for beginners because it’s funny and it’s perfect to learn the names of animals.

Easy Songs to Learn Italian for Beginners

We can’t finish our list of easy songs to learn Italian for beginners without encouraging you to listen or watch the videos as you go to your classes or your job. And if you’re at home, sing and dance!

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