10 characteristics that best describe Italian people

Would you like to know more about Italians? Today we are going to give you a list of 10 characteristics that best describe Italian people. This list was written by some of our students who are currently living in Italy, and of course these are generalizations… not all Italian people are as described below. So, read our post with this in mind please.

Characteristics that describe Italian people

  1. They gesticulate all the time. One of the main characteristics you will notice when you meet Italian people is that they gesticulate a lot. So, it’s very important to understand their body language. Have a look at our post about Italian hand gestures to discover their meanings.
  2. They speak loudly. This characteristic is linked to the previous one because not only do Italians gesticulate a lot, but they also speak loudly to emphasise what they say.
  3. They love coffee but they never drink cappuccino after lunch. Everybody knows that Italians love coffee. However, they only drink cappuccino when they have breakfast and it’s almost impossible to see them drinking it after lunch.
  4. They eat a lot of pasta and pizza. Even if the Italian cuisine is varied, the main dishes in Italy are pasta and pizza. Actually, some Italian people can eat pasta every day!
  5. They like designer clothes and always wear sunglasses, even when it rains. Italian people love brand name clothes and like wearing beautiful clothes. Most of them also like sunglasses, and use them 365 days per year.
  6. They are mammoni (mum’s boys). Italians have a very strong relationship with their mums. Actually, they usually gain true independence only when they get married, and it generally happens at later ages.
  7. They are very passionate lovers. Many people also agree that Italians are very passionate lovers.
  8. They are expert queue-jumpers. According to our students, one of the most irritating characteristics that describe Italian people is that they always try to jump the queues.
  9. They are crazy drivers. Many people also say that Italians are crazy drivers because they don’t observe traffic rules and don’t respect pedestrian crossings.
  10. They are extroverted. Italian people are usually quite extroverted, so you can establish relationships with them very easily.

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However, apart from reading our list of 10 characteristics that best describe Italian people, if you want to discover by yourself how Italian people really are, we encourage you to visit Italy.

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