How to use Italian if clauses with examples and exercises

italian if clauses

Today we will learn how to use Italian if clauses. Since Italian belongs to the Romance or Neolatin family of languages, it features quite a complex verbal system. Therefore, unlike other languages, we can know who the verb’s action doer is, in what tense the action is being done, and in which mode without resorting to placing an express subject in the sentence. Continue reading

How to use and conjugate the subjunctive in Italian

Italian subjunctive

Today we will learn the Italian subjunctive, most especially its present tense. As you know, it is one of the most mysterious verbal modes from the Romance languages, particularly Italian. But if we start using it in a practical manner, its mysteriousness just fades away.

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Discover how to use CI and NE in Italian

ci and ne in Italian

Today we will find out about two very peculiar words, ci and ne in Italian. You may have heard of them in books and other printed materials, you may have found them in movies and TV programs, and you might by now have a slight clue of what this article will be about. Here we will be showing in detail how to use these very Italian particles.

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Learn the Italian direct and indirect pronouns with exercises

Italian direct and indirect pronouns

Today we will learn about the Italian direct and indirect pronouns. Accordingly, when we need to substitute certain nouns -to avoid using them too repeatedly in a phrase or group of phrases-we rely on pronouns. This is possible when the noun we are swapping for a pronoun is quite understood. 

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10 tips to learn italian by yourself

learn Italian by yourselfToday we will give you some tips to learn Italian by yourself. Self-learning is no fantasy: it can happen if you apply enough will, and discipline, and if you keep a mind open to make it better at all times. Some people are natural for languages, others are fortunate enough to go abroad fairly frequently: in any case, these tips are helpful for everyone.

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