8 famous Italian comics you need to read

famous Italian comicsToday we’ll be discovering some famous Italian comics. Also called Italian fumetti (fumetto is the translation for comic strip), they are powerful means to learn this language, as they “stand still” when you want to catch new vocabulary (unlike movies and songs, which at times might need constant rewinding).

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All you need to know about Carnival in Italy

Carnival in Italy

Today we will learn about the ongoing Carnival in Italy, which is celebrated everywhere in the Bel Paese but is particularly known for that in Venice. However, there are some others, such as the Viareggio carnival, the Cento Carnival, and the Acireale Carnival.

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5 Italian New Year’s Eve traditions you need to know

Italian New Year’s Eve traditions

Today we will talk about some Italian New Year’s Eve traditions that you may even get to experience yourself if you are lucky enough to be there by then. As Italians have migrated a lot, and they are known to be highly superstitious, a number of these traditions could be not only well documented but also practiced in other places.

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