7 Best TV series to learn Italian

If you are interested in learning Italian and you would also like to know more about the Italian culture, you can start by watching some of the best TV series to learn Italian. This will help you to improve your listening and pronunciation. In addition, you will also learn new Italian words, phrases and some Italian slang expressions.

Have a look at our list of the best TV series to learn Italian. If you have never studied Italian before, we recommend that you watch them with English subtitles. Then, little by little, you can start using Italian subtitles. This will be very helpful, since in this way you can read and listen to Italian at the same time.

  • Un medico in famiglia (since 1998).
  • Don Matteo (since 2000).
  • Ispettore Coliandro (since 2006).
  • I Cesaroni (2006-2014).
  • Tutti pazzi per amore (2008-2012).

Try to understand and repeat some scenes over and over again. In this way you will improve your pronunciation. There are other TV series that have been very successful in Italy in the last few years, such as:

  • II comissario Montalbano
  • Gomorra

These series are more difficult to understand, because in the first one they use the Sicilian dialect and in the second one the Neapolitan dialect. So, we recommend that you watch them with subtitles or only if you are an advanced level student.

Here you can find some of the most popular Italian movies and TV series.

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Remember that if you want to improve your Italian level quickly, you need to practice every day. So, watch some of the best TV series and movies to learn Italian, and try to memorise and repeat the new Italian words you discover. You can also listen to the Italian music and learn the lyrics, or read some books in Italian.

If you want to get more ideas about how to improve your Italian language level, have a look at our Italian blog where you will find more tips, or just contact us. We offer Italian lessons by Skype and Italian lessons at your home/office in London.