Best Italian restaurants in London

Are you looking for the best Italian restaurants in London? Then this is the right place for you! Today we are going to show you a list of Italian restaurants that you must visit if you live in London and are an Italian cuisine lover.

best Italian restaurants in London

In London there are Italian restaurants and franchises almost anywhere, but the vast majority of them have little or nothing in common with the ‘real’ Italian restaurants that you can find in Italy.

If you want to try out an authentic Italian restaurant or pizzeria, where you can smell and taste mouth-watering authentic Italian food, have a look at our list of Italian restaurants below, which we and our increasing waistlines can personally recommend!

Best Italian restaurants in London

Sacro Cuore (10 Crouch End Hill – N8 8AA / 45 Chamberlayne Road – NW10 3NB). As you walk through the door, you are immediately transported into a truly authentic Neapolitan restaurant experience. The wood fire oven makes all the difference, the pizza base is so soft and you can also add some extra toppings, like ricotta cheese, to make the pizza even tastier!

Pizzeria Pappagone (131 Stroud Green Road – N4 3PX). One of the most popular Italian restaurants in London. All dishes are amazing in this restaurant, especially the different kinds of pasta (spaghetti, linguine, paccheri, penne, etc.)

Fabrizio (34 Highgate Hill – N19 5NL). Another great Italian restaurant in London with a welcoming atmosphere and yummy food. One of its most popular dishes is the metre-long pizza that you can share with friends if you want to try different pizza toppings.

Melanzana (140 Westbridge Road – SW11 3PF). In this Italian restaurant located in Battersea you can eat great Italian food. The restaurant’s name is “melanzana” (= aubergine), and we promise that here you can eat one of the best melanzana alla parmigiana in London (melanzana alla parmigiana i.e. layers of aubergine, mozzarella & parmesan in tomato sauce).

This is our list of the best Italian restaurants in London. Have you ever been to any of them? If not, we recommend that you give them a go.


Italian restaurants in London

All these restaurants are run by Italians, so you may also take the fantastic opportunity to go there and talk with native Italian speakers in order to practice your Italian. So, why don’t you learn some Italian words for food before going? And if you feel a bit more daring, you may want to have a look at our list of Italian phrases to use in a restaurant, and try to order in Italian!

We hope that this list of best Italian restaurants in London written by our Italian teachers will be useful and will make you feel as if you were in Italy, if only for one night.