5 best Italian coffee brands according to Italians

Italian coffee brands

If you are planning to travel to Italy, you must try some of the most popular Italian coffee brands. Traditional Italian coffee is the best in the world because it is made with high-quality coffee beans. With many different Italian brands to choose from, you can enjoy popular hot drinks such as espresso, cappuccino, and macchiato. In this lesson, we will learn which are the top Italian coffee brands, according to Italians, and you can compare the best authentic coffees. 


Italians are recognized for their tasty cuisine and their delicious coffee, known as “caffé normale” in Italian. When in Italy, you can request various styles of coffees such as: 

  • Crema di caffè – Gelato style coffee. 
  • Caffè ristretto – A strong shot of espresso.
  • Cappuccino – A famous style of coffee. 
  • Caffè marocchino – An espresso including cocoa and hot foaming milk. 
  • Macchiato – Coffee and cappuccino blend. 
  • Caffè corretto – An espresso with added liquor.

Most Italians will enjoy a simple coffee or caffé with a single shot of espresso. Additionally, you can order a coffee from a barista at a bar or a café or make your own at home. In Italy, a bar or ‘il bar’, is a place to sit down and have a meal with a crisp cup of coffee. 

Best Italian coffee


  • The best Italian coffee is enjoyed in the morning, by 11 am.
  • Order an espresso with a glass of water to rinse the palate. 
  • Leave the prepared coffee to stand at the counter. 
  • Proceed to hold the cup with your right hand and plate with your left. 
  • Take a few sips of your coffee and settle the payment. 

Is important to have in mind while enjoying an Italian coup of coffee that Italians prepare their traditional coffee by roasting coffee beans until dark in color and then slowly ground to intensify its flavors. 

Also, coffee beans from Italy remain the best choice for your Italian espresso machine. It delivers a rich, creamy, and tasty coffee with strong aromas. 

And last but not least, when using an Italian espresso maker at home, the Italian tradition is to use pre-heated cups and plates, and to fill the cup by two-thirds. 


If you have ever wondered what the most popular Italian coffee brands are, the list below will help you choose Italy’s finest blends: 

  1. Lavazza 
  2. Illy 
  3. Segafredo 
  4. Kimbo 
  5. Danesi 

Lavazza and Illy pick their beans manually from all over the world. On the other hand, Illy is known for inventing the first automatic Italian coffee maker. Segafredo produces an intense coffee flavor and aroma straight from the farm while Danesi and Kimbo are considered the most affordable Italian coffee brands

To sum up, if you are traveling to Italy, a cup of coffee from a local barista is an important part of the culture and experience. Italians take pride in traditional coffee making that dates back to the nineteenth century. You can find different types of coffees from the popular cappuccino to gelatos and espresso with alcohol. For a taste of authentic caffé (coffee), look out for the best Italian coffee brands from the top 5 recommended list.

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