The Best Italian Christmas Songs

Italian Christmas songs

The Holidays is certainly the best time of year. In Italy, many people love singing the most famous Christmas carols. To bring in the cheer of the season, Italian Christmas songs are sure to get you in the spirit and perhaps join in the singing and carolling of this wonderful time of year. 


Christmas carols or canzoni di Natale are a wonderful way to get you and your loved ones into the Christmas spirit.

  • Astro Del Ciel 

One of the most popular Italian Christmas carols that is known all over the world is Astro Del Ciel which is Silent Night. While the lyrics may differ from the original English Christmas version, it is a meaningful and joyful carol that you are sure to hear playing during Christmas time in Italy. 

The carol Astro Del Ciel includes words such as: 

  • People – Genti 
  • Heart – Cuore 
  • Sky – Ciel
  • Peace – Pace 

Listening to and singing along with traditional Italian Christmas songs are great ways to learn the language. 

You can also learn some Italian Christmas vocabulary to improve your Italian level.

  • Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle

Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle is one of the best Italian Christmas songs for kids. Most children in Italy learn this song as their first traditional Christmas carols. Tu scendi dalle stelle means “you come down from the stars”. It has deep spiritual meaning making for a wonderful festive carol. The song is short with simple lyrics which can help you improve your Italian. 

  • Il Tamburino

Il Tamburino is Little Drummer Boy in English. It is another globally recognized Christmas carol and a fun song for children to learn. With its rhythmic beat and repetitive lyrics, this carol is a fun way to master pronunciation of Italian words.

  • Din Don Dan

The Christmas song Din Don Dan is the Italian version of Jingle Bells.

  • Lettera a Pinocchio

The Christmas song Lettera a Pinocchio is translated as “A Letter to Pinocchio” in English. The carol celebrates the children’s character Pinocchio and is a favourite during The Holidays.


Did you know that many traditional Christmas carols started in Italy? It was during the 4th century that the Saint Francis of Assisi encouraged many traditional songs and the spirit of singing carols. 

Italians love to celebrate their family and share in festivities everywhere they go. When you can recognize popular Holiday songs, it makes the experience more pleasant and easier to share with others. 

Learning Italian Christmas songs is also a great way to improve your vocabulary. It is certainly a fun and entertaining way to learn Italian and celebrate Christmas! 

Make the classic Italian festive carols part of your Holiday experience and you will improve your language skills. 

Now that you know more about the best Italian Christmas carols, discover how to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in Italian.

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